Our Mission Statement

Saturday, June 11


Rejoice in the Lord ___?___

Fill in the Blank…

I hope it does not take you long to complete the statement. However, while you are taking time to think about it, I would like to share with you all the unbelievably amazing day they our group was able to have.

We woke up and were on the buses to the church by 7am. This morning the ladies served us rice and beans with a type of sour cream and of course LOTS OF COFFEE!!!!!!! (On a side note the sour cream really isn’t sour cream, I’m just not sure how else to describe it, it was yummy though). After breakfast we met at the church to have morning devotional. Andrew Allgood led us in a few thoughts.

After the devotional we went to the park and divided into groups with a translator in each and passed out invitations to the Gospel Meeting at the Church beginning Sunday. Once we had worked for about 30 minutes in that area we loaded the buses to clean up so we could return to the Church to take part as witnesses of a wedding. This was a huge treat for all of us to witness. The couple that was getting married (Betsy and Charles) also arranged to be baptized the same day. The Wedding ceremony was conducted in Spanish and translated in English by Diego. It was such an honor for us to take part in this union between these individuals. We were asked to stay for the reception and fellowship with our local brethren. The food was incredible. A few of the TORCH members (Nick Brosous) had a bit of a shock when they took a bite of the carrots. The carrots had been shredded and soaked in jalapenos, and when one took a bite, that person became VERY HOT!!! The food was really good; yes even the carrots in there hotness were good!!

After we had eaten the group loaded the buses to go through the town door knocking. We did this for about an hour, then returned to the church to witness the newly weds baptism. It was so beautiful!!

After the baptism we came back to the hotel to cleanup so we could return to have dinner and worship. For dinner we had noodles in a cheese sauce with bread and pineapple!! I have personally not had a meal that I have not liked, so please do not worry about us not being fed.

After dinner we worshiped with our brothers and sisters. We sang songs in Spanish and English. Once the lesson was complete we had another brother added to the family (if you do well in math I’m sure you have realized that equals 2 new brothers and 1 sister totaling 3 added to the family)

For our evening devotional Joe Roberts led us in a few thoughts with Diego translating. Honestly, I have know idea how to put his lesson in words that could illustrate how well both Joe and Diego did. The translating was extremely funny, due to the story Joe used about a joyful parakeet. Joe used sound effects and body language to tell the story, and Diego translated both words, body language, and sound effects. The point of the story was no matter what we should all Rejoice in the Lord always, even when we have a bad day like the parakeet who was sucked up a vacuum cleaner, put under a ice cold water, and then was dried by a hair dryer (yes picture that being translated).

If you haven’t already completed the Statement here it is. Rejoice in the Lord ALWAYS!!!!!!.

I hope you all are having a wonderful time back home. We miss you all and look forward to seeing you, but until then have a wonderful night!!!!

In Him,

Brandy Barnett