Our Mission Statement

Friday, June 10

Great Things

To day was the first day of “Great Things”!! Our morning started out early. We all were up and on the bus by seven and went to the Church for breakfast. The ladies of the congregation did and will be providing our meals for the trip. This morning we had rice, beans, eggs, and bread. Now for those who do not know, beans and rice are going to be with just about every meal. The ladies did a fabulous job with the meal.

After breakfast we met for our morning devotional thought. Terry Reeves provided the thoughts for this morning. Terry discussed a story about Max Lucado. Max is a well-known author and also a missionary. Terry told us a story about Max praying the Lord will provide him with “great things”. After his prayer the phone rang and a lady asked him to take her to the doctor. Terry wanted to emphasis that no matter what it is, if God has led us to help in His name, it is a Great Thing!!

Once the devotional had finished the VBS crew came back to the hotel to divide supplies, run through the skit, and prepare costumes. The remaining team members stayed at the building to paint, build book shelves, and clean around the build to prepare for a wedding and the Gospel meeting beginning tomorrow.

Before the VBS team made our way to the school we were provided Lunch prepared by the ladies. WOW!!!!!! All I can say is…..WOW!!!! The ladies have done an excellent job preparing the meals, and its only the first day!! We had fish, salad, rice and beans!!!! We also had passion fruit juice!!! YUMMY!!!!!!

Once the VBS crew was “prepared”, and full of yummy food, we loaded the bus and made our way to one of the local schools. We had about 90 children in attendance. Kim Fussell told the story of the Conversion of Saul, while Kattia translated for her. The children seemed to enjoy the story. After the telling of the story we prepared a skit of the event. Our AWESOME VBS team did an AMAZING job with this. They did the entire skit in Spanish. The Children really enjoyed and interacted the team. Once the skit was complete we had four stations the children went to, where the received a snack, a craft, watched a puppet skit (which was prepared just minutes before), and participated in a game. It was an awesome experience and the children we great.

We then met up with the remaining team and went to the local park. Here we sang and several of the local men present devotional thoughts for the community and invited them to the Gospel meeting. All this was broadcast on the radio thanks to Daniel Chavez (the preacher).

After the time in the park we came back to the hotel and cleaned up a bit before going to the building for supper. For supper we had rice, potatoes, meat and avocado. WE had this red Kool-Aid as well that tasted like bubble gum!! Have I mentioned that the food is FABULOUS…well it is FA-BU-LOUS!!!!

Once everyone was finished with the meal we had our evening devotional. Wayne Scott provided us with a great lesson. He asked if anyone of us had ever been scared. He then said we all have something to fear, Satan. He used Luke 22:31 to explain how Satan sought Peter. If he tried to win Peter, then Satan will try to seek us as well. Wayne encouraged us to watch out because the devil is after us. He encouraged us to turn to God as well. He says, and I know, that God is greater then any of our enemies!!!

After devo we did “Where did you see Jesus?” Jesus was seen in many of the people on the trip and with the amazing Costa Ricans. Jesus was seen in the VBS crew for stepping up at the last minute. Jesus was seen in Terry Reeves for his willingness to plan and organize trips for TORCH groups. Jesus was seen in the Ladies in the Church for their hard work and happy spirits. He was seen in one of the bus drivers for assisting with some of the translating. Jesus was seen in Daniel for his hard work and continuous work here. He works so hard and is so energetic and loving. He works hard to ensure everyone has a chance to here God’s Word. Daniel is the most awesome person I personally have ever met!!

Once we were finished we loaded the buses and made our way back to hotel. Some went back to the church to move dirt for the wedding and some went and played soccer. All in all it has been a great start to a great trip. God is in complete control and has been seen in everyone and everything!!

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. We do miss you all back home, but there is work to be done and God has given this group the opportunity to assist in His work.

God Bless,

Brandy Barnett