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Sunday, June 26


Happy Sunday to you all!!! I hope you have all had a blessed day of worship!! Our group was blessed with the opportunity to visit with three different churches today.

The first group left at "8:15"...well they were suppose to (welcome to Honduras). They went to worship with the Mateo Church of Christ.

The second group left at 8:30ish. They went to worship with the Santa Ana church family. Anne Dorris from the Collegeside C of C writes:
I really enjoyed worshiping at Santa Ana today! When we arrived we could hear the members singing before we even got to the building. Although we didn't always know what they were singing, it was so encouraging to be part of their worship service. If the church sang a song in Spanish that we knew we'd sing it in English. As we's been warned about, there was a dog roaming around in the building. During the singing portion of the service it used the podium as a fire hydrant!! WELCOME TO HONDURAS!! It was so neat to see the Americans support Santa Ana monetarily. The collection plate was running over with limps and dollars. After service the members greeted us and told us thank you for being there. many of the orphans from the nearby orphanage hugged all of us as well. We were all so encouraged by the children's singing (in Spanish and English). They sang so loudly!! They were so happy to be there and were truly singing to God with the heart of a child we learned about in the Bible. It was such an uplifting morning! God is Good and His love is universal.

The third group left at 8:45 to go to the Moaloa Church of Christ. When we arrived in the small community we had to hike down a muddy hill to get into the actual community. Due to the muddy roads the bus was not able to make it down and back out. Once we got into the community we had to cross a creek and up a muddy hill to get to the actual building. We were greeted by some of the members when we arrived. Once worship began more children arrived. It was awesome returning to Moaloa and having children remember you!! The children were so beautiful!!! Worshiping with our brothers and sisters was so uplifting. After worship we spent several minutes greeting the members and playing with the wonderful children. We have a second grader on our team (Austin). Watching him with the children was awesome. He played soccer for a few minutes with some of the children and also played with others before the game. He is so precious, and when he is with the Honduran children is so uplifting to see how God is using him!!

After each service each group went to different locations to eat lunch. Everyone was able to pick from a variety of different food places. At about 2:30 each team made it's way to the Mi Esperanza store to shop for some awesome items!! WHile people were shopping a small group went to the bodega to sort through clothes and prepare bags for the families that signed up to come to the medical clinic tomorrow. Once we were finished the groups came back to the mission house for a while.

At about 6pm we loaded the buses to go back to the city to mall to eat dinner. When we arrived we were greeted with a big sign that said Wal-Mart!! WAL-MART? In Honduras? Are you kidding me? This is about my 13th trip to Honduras and I have NEVER seen a Walmart!! I know that this is probably a dumb statement, but I was actually shocked to see it!!! Sadly I didn't have the time to go to the Wal-mart but I did get a picture of the sign!!!

At abou 8pm we loaded the buses to return to the mission house for devo. Devo was late tonight so sorry if you were not able to join in :( Tomorrow night we should be back on the same schedule!! You can get the link from my previous post!! Hope you will all join in with us in our devos!!!

After devo Terry reviewed the "plans" for tomorrow so individuals could think about what they want to do. Once he had give us the plans we prepared for bed.

I hope you are all enjoying the blog!! Please feel free to share comments and email me at brandyb06@gmail.com if you would like!! Love you all!!

In Him Brandy B

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Jamie-Noel said...

My parents are in your group-David and Loye Moorer. Praying for y'all!