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Tuesday, June 28


Hey to all of you back home, from all of us in Honduras!! I hope you are all doing fantastic. The work here continues to progress!! Thanks for the prayers and thoughtful comments.

Today started like everyday, breakfast from 7-8 am then devo. For breakfast, we had eggs, beans, potatoes, and coffee. After breakfast we had devo at 8 am. This morning Malvin Allgood brought us our lesson. He discussed the importance of walking in the light and being examples to others. After devo we divided into our teams. Today we had a construction team, a team that moved mud and dug a huge hole for a septic tank, a food distribution team, a team that went to the landfill, a team that worked in the feeding center and the daycare at Moaloa.

The construction team and the Moaloa group left at 9am. The Construction team went to build a home in the La Tigra Rainforest again. A group of about 12 went out to that worksite. The Moaloa team consisted of three teams a small group worked in the daycare, another in the feeding center, and the other worked digging a hole for the septic tank. They worked all day working to move mud that had slid down and is pushing against the church building. Tyler Steffy said the mud was about 8ft high. Apparently, they reduced the pile to about 4ft.

The Food distribution team sorted food and made another 250bags of food. Once they were finished they loaded up and delivered 300+ bags in an hour and 15 minutes!!! It was awesome!! After we finished we came back to get the construction team.

The crew that went to the landfill left at about 11 with food to feed about 300. Once they finished they went to Moaloa to get that group.

The teams met back at the mission house at about 6ish for dinner!! Tonight we had fried chicken, potatoes, salad, a role and our choice of drink (water, coke, banana, grape). The meal was sooooo good!! After dinner we went to the chapel for an early devo. Sorry for those who logged in at the scheduled time, we will be back on our normal schedule tomorrow so tune in!!!! After devo we set up computers for people to email while others played catch phrase.

Thanks for all the prayers!! I hope you are enjoying the blog!! Until tomorrow, GOOD NIGHT!!!!

In Him
Brandy B

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