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Wednesday, June 22

On again, and then off again...then back on

Hey all of you back home!! Terry's intern's have arrived in Honduras. We are currently sitting at our bus station waiting for the bus to Tegucigalpa. It has been a long ride so far. Once we made it to the border we had to get off the bus, then get back on to drive two feet just to get back off again. Then we got to a check point an had to get back off again just to turn around and get back on. So much for a long sleep. Many of us are lacking in sleep which makes for interesting conversation. Even though we have had to get off and then back on the bus multiple times, we are enjoying ourselves. I will be posting again tonight once we are settled. I will also post the link for the live stream for devos. This will be the first time we have been able to stream devos due to internet connection. Look forward to sharing in worship with you all!!

In Him,
Brandy Barnett

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