Our Mission Statement

Thursday, June 23


Hey guys!! Hope you all are doing wonderful!! The interns are have been working hard today to prepare for the group coming in tomorrow. Today started at about 7ish. For breakfast we had fruit, french toast, and juice.

We left the mission house at about 9:30 and went to the grocery store to buy snacks for lunch. Afterward we went to the bodega to start sorting boxes into piles that would make it easier to locate items that will be given away. The team worked hard to complete the task. Our team also painted for Mi Esperanza as well. Before leaving we loaded the bus with all the hygiene and medical boxes to bring back to the missions house. Once we arrived at the mission house we unloaded the bus and sorted the supplies.

When we were finished with that we got showers before dinner. For dinner we had a really nice meal; potatoes, veggies, chicken, and a roll!! It was so good!! Once we had finished we began preparing the bank envelopes, and barnabas notes so that would be ready for the group. The small group is still working on organizing all of the final details.

Tomorrow is going to be an eventful day. OUr group will be 120+ people once we are all together. I'm looking forward to meeting all the newbies and reuniting with old friends!! Please pray for safe travels and a productive work!!

Thanks for all the prayers!!

In Him
Brandy B


Tasha Moore Snow said...

Bell Shoals Brandon, FL team is on their way! TIA was hopping this morning at 5am. Tasha:)

Diego dos Anjos said...

Hello Brothers and sisters...
My name is Diego and I am one of the vollunters for the Torch Misison this year.
I am from brazil and supposed to arrive there at noon today.

Well, i had some problems boarding on the plane and my flight got re-scheduled to arrive ON SUNDAY at noon.

Please, if someone reads this in time, pass that information to Terry Reeves.

God Bless, i am looking forward to meet you :)

Karen Larsen said...

Our Bell Shoals church group left this morning and is boarding for TEG as I post. Everyone is ready to serve where needed. Keep us posted on daily activities. You are all in our prayers.