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Wednesday, June 29

Light or dark?

I hope you are all doing fantastic today!! Our group continues to work hard serving!! Please continue to pray for the work!!

Today started at 7 am for breakfast. Today we had pancakes and fruit, of course I ate mine like a peanut butter sandwich YUM-MIE!!!! After breakfast we met for devo at 8am. Todd Mikula from Bell Shoals led us in our thoughts. After devo we split into our groups. Today we had two construction teams, a VBS crew, a garden crew, and a food packing/blind school visitation crew.

The first team that left was the construction teams. The team built in the La Tigra Rainforest again. The construction teams have had an amazing opportunity to see God's beautiful creation!!! Words can not describe the beauty.

The second group left early as well to go meet with Nathan Hale to start a garden. THey worked all day with Nathan gardening. There was a group of 40 that assisted with this task!!

The VBS crew stayed at the mission house until 11am. They worked on learning lines, in Spanish, to do skit one at Didasko. The team consisted of about 25 people. They had about 80 children in attendance.

The last team consisted of about 25 people as well. This team worked the first half of the day sorting and packing bags of food that will be delivered tomorrow. The team packed about 250 bags of food. After sorting and packing food the team loaded the bus and went to Rosa's store. Rosa is a lady that used to work here at the mission house. A few years ago a team built her a home in the La Tigra Rainforest where she is still living. She is no longer working at the mission house and has her own store in the city. She has been struggling recently so the small team went to her store to buy a drink and other goods. After that we went to the Blind School to visit with the children there! The blind school is such an encouraging experience. The children are so beautiful!! They also sing for us. There is a guy, who is blind, that plays the piano while the children sing!! It is amazing how God uses all of us!! After they sang to us we sang to them. It was pretty awesome!! Afterward we came back to the mission house to meet up with the rest of the team for dinner.

For dinner we had beans, rice, and beef tips. MY FAVORITE!!!!!!! After dinner we loaded the bus to go to the Jesus Statue. (Sorry we did not broadcast, it was a last minute decision to go since we finally had a dry night.) At the Jesus Statue we took lots of pictures then had devo. Mark Connell led us in our thoughts. He discussed the light vs. the darkness. He explained that being in the light meant we have an understanding of something. If we walk in the light then we have an understanding. If we walk in the dark we are blind to that understanding. He went on to say that now we have been to Honduras we are walking in the light, we have an understanding of the poverty most of the world faces. He also encouraged us to continue walking in that light, the light of serving others no matter where we are!! After devo we loaded the buses and came back to the mission house for announcements.

We were given the schedule for tomorrow and then we came to the dinning hall and had cobbler prepared by Joe Jones (aka Little Joe). It was delicious!!! Afterward we all made our way to the bed!!

Thank you all for reading the blog!! I hope you all are getting so what of an idea of our trip so far!! Hopefully we will be back online tomorrow night!! Until then, GOOD NIGHT!!!!

In Him
Brandy B

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