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Saturday, June 18

On the road again

Hey everyone!! Well today is our final day in this beautiful country. The rest of the group, minus Terry's interns, will be headed back to the states early in the morning. I know all family members will be looking forward to everyone's return.

Today started later than others We had breakfast from 7 - 9am, so most people were in and out. We packed up and were on the bus by 9:15am going back toward San Jose. We stopped about half way in a small community to have devo in the park. Steve Kemp led us in thoughts. He discussed different types of hurt we all encounter, whether it be an illness or a mental pain. He encouraged everyone to lift one another up in prayer and be there for one another when needed. After devo we headed back to San Jose. We stopped at a chicken place before returning to the hotel we are staying at for night. The food has been very good here. Afterward we headed back to the hotel. At the hotel we repacked bags and loaded buses for the interns. We will be leaving at 1230am for Nicaragua. I have no idea how the internet will work there so please be patient. Pray for safe travels and a great work!! Love you all!!

Brandy B

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