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Saturday, June 25


I hope you all are doing well back home!! The group is doing great things here! God is so very good!! Today was a long day of work for all of us.

It started with breakfast at 7 – 8 am. This morning we had eggs, potatoes, and toast with juice and coffee. It was so yummy!! After breakfast we had morning devotional. Steve Johnson, from Tampa, spoke this morning. He asked everyone what motivated us. He said people are motivated by three things: fear, rewards, and love. He said the best motivation is love. He encouraged us all to be motivated by love.

After devo we split in our groups. Today we had 3 sorting groups, 3 building teams, one hospital visitation team, one veggie shopping team, a small team that went to Didasko, and a team that unloaded a container.

The group that stayed at the mission house divided into three sorting teams. A hygiene kit team, pill sorting team (medical), and food team. The groups worked hard all day sorting all the items. The hygiene team finished with 800+ bags which demolished last years record of 700 something! The medical team packed and counted and labeled A LOT of medicine for the clinic that is scheduled for Monday at Didasko. The food team packed 250 bags of food that will provide over 1,000 meals total. Later we added fresh fruits and veggies to the bags!! It was a very productive, fun day for us sorting. I am pretty sure the hygiene people will be smelling soap for weeks!!

The teams built three homes today. I will post more about that. I have an individual that will be providing me with details of the build. I will also post more about the group that went to the open market as well. I forgot to ask people before they left to try and have me something written so I do apologize. Kyle was the only one who was given time so big thanks to him!!

Kyle Johnson

Bell Shoals C of C


The 18 member hospital team started off the day with a “quick” pit stop at the warehouse, which of course turned into 3 hours of unloading a semi-truck (Welcome to Honduras). After 33 metal hospital beds and other various heavy things were stored the team finally made its way to the hospital. We spent over 2 hours visiting the kids and their parents, attempting to speak Spanish (¿ Quieres pintar?), handing out a ton of toys, coloring with the kids, and overall just trying to bring them happiness despite all their suffering. Seeing them smile was very uplifting, and hopefully they were able to see God work through our actions. Matthew 18:1-6.

For dinner we had chicken, rice, salad, and a roll. Like I said and will always say YUMMY!!! After dinner we had our nightly devo. Don’t forget to check in for devos. We will start at 9 pm central time!! I’m not too sure if we will be here tomorrow night but check in, here is the website http://www.ustream.tv/channel/torch-devos

Tim O’Dell is going to be speaking each night. Tonight he spoke about how God reigns over the family. He spoke about the “stuff” that consumes our lives like facebook, TV, work, ect. He stressed not to worry about that “stuff” and let God consume our lives. Very encouraging, and much needed words. I know I have let the “stuff” in my life get in the way. Let’s try and let go and let God!!

After devo Terry told us the “game plan” for tomorrow. We will be splitting into three groups to worship with three of the congregations in Honduras. It’s going to be an AWESOME day tomorrow. We all then went our own ways and headed to bed!!

I know you guys are all lifting us up in prayers each night, THANK YOU SOO MUCH!! Our team is almost complete, we have one more coming in tomorrow and then we’ll will 120 strong!! God is GOOD!!! Love you all!!

In Him

Brandy B


Traci Tew said...

Greetings to the Torch Team and a special shout out to our Bell Shoals Family! Miss you bunches David and Justin Tew but so happy you are a part of this! Know that we are following the blog, watching the devos and praying for you all. Your Bell Shoals Church of Christ family will be meeting Tuesday night for a special Fellowship to pray for you all. We will pray, sing and hopefully watch a live or archived devo. Thank you for what you are doing and know many are praying for you.

Jennifer West said...

So proud of the work that is being done; please tell Blakely Rodgers of Central Church in Saraland, AL to say hi to camera on 6/29/11. We will try to catch the service live on that date. Daddy and Moma Jill love you Blake. Keep up the good work and have a blast serving the Lord in the ways you all are. You are all in our prayers.