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Friday, June 17

Five more minutes

Hey guys, sooooo sorry for the delay. I really do not have to long because there is a line for the computer. So...here is the short version of the last two days

We left Buenos Aires yesterday after breakfast to make our way to San Jose. We indured the 4 hour drive, or five minutes according to Minor, over the huge moutian. When we made it to San Jose we went shopping then went to the hotel we were staying for the night.

This morning we left at 6 this morning to go to the Volcano and hot springs for some much needed Rest and reflection on the work that was done. It was a great time for all us to meet and discuss the trip and rest. At about 330 we came to the hotel to change and do more shopping for SOME COFFEE!!!!!!!!!!!!! We had food at 7 and then devo. We also said farewell to Ben and Jill Wright, Randy, Nick, and Rafeal, who will be flying out in the morning.

I´m sorry this is very brief, but I hope to give more detail and post pictures later. Love you all!!

Brandy B

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