Our Mission Statement

Sunday, June 12

I Belong to Jesus

Today was another day full of great things. God has shown His greatness throughout this trip so far. I hope you all are doing wonderful and have been blessed as well. Today started later than what we have been starting. We had to be on the bus by 7:45am to be at the church for breakfast at 8am. This morning we had sandwiches bananas, and most important of all COFFEE!! I know some of you are probably thinking “Sandwiches? For Breakfast?” Well we did and they were very yummy!!

Once everyone was finished with breakfast we had worship service with our brothers and sisters. I’m not sure if I have done any good at all explaining the times we have shared in worship with our Costa Rican brothers. Brother Christian (from Costa Rica) has been leading us in singing. The church here provides everyone with a songbook. This allows us gringos (Americans) to follow along and attempt to sing with the right pronunciation. It is such an incredible experience!! Ben Wright directed our thoughts with (Rafael translating) in Bible class this morning. He discussed the importance of taming the tongue. After Bible class we were able to meet some of the local members. Our new brothers and sister in Christ were there as well, Isaac, Charles, and Betsy. After a few minutes of greeting we began worship. We sang praises in Spanish and English. After a few songs, Wayne Scott provided our lesson with Diego as his translator. After the sermon we had the Lord’s Supper. Once we shared in the remembrance of Christ’s sacrifice we were able to fellowship with one another with a meal. For most of the TORCH members, this is a different experience, one that has been very rewarding. I’m not sure if I can put the feeling I personally have in words. Many of us have made several friends. Even though there is a Language barrier we still communicate with one another through gestures. It is truly a God thing.

Once we finished with Lunch we came back to the hotel to prepare for VBS. We also had a small group that were going back to the Church to paint and finish bookshelves. Keith Fussell provided Counseling sessions as well for a few individuals. The VBS team went to the Church, but there were only a few children. The team decided we would take the lesson into the community. We went to one neighborhood and went down the streets asking children and adults to come and watch the skit. It turned out to be a HUGE success. The kids really enjoyed the skits. The once participating in the skits did a wonderful job and were such great sports. It is extremely hot here and each member put their costumes and went on with the skit of the conversion of Paul. After the skit was complete we decided we had time to do one more, so we went to another neighborhood and did the same thing. (on a side note, the children that did come to the church came with us to help get other children to come). Once again, it was a success. At first I think some of us were upset that we did not have a big group at the church. However, after taking it to the neighborhood I think everyone agrees they like the idea, and nothing can stop God’s work.

After VBS we went back to the hotel to clean up for supper and worship service. For supper we had rice, beans, and chicken. Oh and I have to tell about the drink they served. It was really really good. It was banana and lemon mixed together. Now I know this might sound nasty, but you are terribly mistaken if you think so, but do not try and make it using only banana and lemon. It might be really bad if you do that. Apparently they also use a type of syrup that is not found back home…L After supper we started worship. Once again we praised God in song with our brothers and sisters. Afterward the preacher in Buenos Aires (Daniel Chavez) provided the sermon. He talked with us about how we are not our own. That we belong to Jesus. It was a very good lesson. Afterward we learned another brother was added to the church during the time the VBS team was away. If you are decent with number you will know that God has four new children in His family, and we have 3 brothers and 1 sister. God is so Good!!

It has been such a great blessing to be able to be here in Costa Rica with our local brethren. I can not believe we will be at day 5 tomorrow. Thank you so much for your prayers.

In Him

Brandy Barentt

If you would like to make comments feel free. My email is brandyb06@gmail.com.