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Wednesday, June 15

What do you believe?

I hope all of you are doing well back home. I would like to apologize for not posting last night. I didn’t realize my computer battery was dead and let another member of the team use it during the night. I am not even sure I will be able to post tonight due to the internet being down. Thank you all for your patients.

Today was our last day of work, and trust me we did work!!! We were up and at the church by 7 am for breakfast. I bet you cannot guess what we had….rice and beans, sausage, and COFFEE!!!! After breakfast we loaded the bus and made our way to the reservation. It was about an hour bus ride to the reservation. I cannot wait until the retreat so I can attempt to put pictures up. The bus ride was so beautiful. Costa Rica is truly and beautiful country.

At the reservation we worked on a school. We had to paint the inside and outside. Before painting we had to wipe down the walls and the bars that made the windows. The inside and out were painted white, the door was painted blue and the roof was painted a green color. We also had a group cleaning the floor. Tricky Pat worked on wiring so they would have lights. Our team worked for about 2 ½ hours then we had a break for lunch. The lunch was provided by the school. It was so good. We had rice and pico and pineapple, plantains. It was so good!!! After about a 45 minute lunch break we began working again. We were able to complete a good majority of the painting. The town council leader was very appreciative and took us to a local shop. I hope to put pictures of the items up soon. It was such an awesome experience. The council man said anytime we would like to return we would be welcome.

We came back to the hotel to cleanup for supper at about 4:45. We quickly cleaned up and were back on the bus by 5:30. For supper we had rice and beans, with fish and jello and ice cream. I know you guys may think this sound not so good, but you would be totally wrong!!! We have not gone hungry while here, that is for sure. After supper we had our last worship service together. Terry Reeves led us in our thoughts. Terry asked us if we believed the Bible. He said he was sad because our group worked so hard to reach the people. Knocking on hundreds of doors inviting them. However, hundreds did not come. He said that if you were to ask those people if they believed in God they would probably say yes. He then continued and used the illustration of someone removing the scripture they do know like. The illustration ended with him putting his Bible in the “trash” and asking anyone else that would like to, to do so. He didn’t have anyone do it. Terry explained the importance of believing the Bible completely and following what it says. He encouraged us to study and continue to believe.

After service we stayed around greeting everyone and taking pictures. There were definatly tears as we loaded the buses. For some it has not registered that tomorrow we will be leaving. I have personally made lasting friendships here and am looking forward to a return in the future if it is God’s will. I would like to ask all of you to pray for our safe travels and for the Church in Buenos Aires. We are looking forward to seeing you all very soon. Once again I apologize for the delay.

In Him

BrandY B

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