Our Mission Statement

Thursday, June 9

Cristo Vive En Mi

Christ live in Me!!

We have finally arrived!! I hope all of you back in the States are doing fantastic!!! For those who do not know me, my name is Brandy Barnett. I will be keeping you all updated throughout the trips in Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Honduras. I hope you all will keep up with our travels and continue to pray for us. The group members will have access to the internet when available. Due to the media fast they are not suppose to access any social networks just email. Please be patient with the post if there are any delays, we are not guaranteed internet access each night. So let the work begin!!

Today has been a day full of travel!! Our group had several travel from different parts of the U.S. The team consists of about 43 ½, give or take. Once we arrived in San Jose we claimed our luggage, met at the buses, loaded the buses, then went to a food court to eat. After eating we loaded the buses then made the four hour trip up, around, through, over, etc a huge mountain!! The trip was beautiful. Many people attempted to sleep, some sang, some chatted, some told jokes, etc. Apparently there was this AMAZING sunset that I missed so I really cannot describe that, hey what can I say one needs beauty sleep. But ultimately we arrived at our destination, the wonderful Buenos Aires, Costa Rica. We are currently working on our rooming situations which seem to be a little crazy, so instead of “Welcome to Honduras” we are now experiencing “Welcome to Costa Rica” side effects. In all seriousness though we are grateful we have arrived and are ready for some much needed rest. It looks like we will have a pretty long day tomorrow, so until then….buenas noches!!!

In Him,

Brandy Barnett

Oh and if you have any questions regarding the blog feel free to email me at brandyb06@gmail.com.