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Sunday, July 1

Honduras update

Saturday was an awesome day here in Tegucigalpa. Our pre-team of 7 got up to a beautiful day. Sunrise was around 5:45 and a few from the group was up and going then. The dogs and roosters must have had the night off because they did not give the daily wake-up call at 4:00 am so some did not roll out until 8:30-9:00. We had morning devotional and then at 10:00 we headed down to the mountain to work in the bodega. About 6 hours was dedicated to sorting the supplies and getting everything organized. The new facility is wonderful and will be great for staging the give away days. The old bodega is now completely cleaned out and empty.

Ryan, Rudy, and I went to the airport to begin the day of receiveing our new team members that came in. It was an all day event to say the least. American and Continental both arrived late and TACA arrived early (figure that one out...). Ryan got his suitcase and is excited that he now has his stuff with him. Fresh, clean clothes are a wonderful thing. The Atlanta team went out to Didasko and had a carnival out there for the kids and then took the youth group from Los Pinos out for dinner and a movie. Our group of 14 went down into town around 8:00 for dinner. We got back to the Mission House around 10:15. The Atlanta group was already in bed so we called it an early night as well.

This morning the Atlanta group went to Los Pinos for worship. From there they will go out to lunch and then out to the Valley of Angels to shop. Our group stayed here for a morning devotional at the amplitheater. It was a beautiful morning with a cool breeze. The view of the valley was inspirational to say the very least. I spoke for devotional this morning and talked about the story of the Good Samaritian. We discussed the importance of doing good to all people and to respond to needs when they arise. After devotional we prepared to go down into town.

The main part of out team arrives today. About 40 will come in from Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Florida, and Wisconsin. We are pumped up and ready for them to get here. This afternoon, after group orientation, we will go out to Santa Lucia for dinner at the hotel there and meet up with Ken Ellis' group. After dinner we will go to the the Santa Lucia church building for devotional. There will be about 80 there and we are going to have a singing. Those who have been before know what it will be like! This will be an awesome way to start the trip!!!!!

It is time to take the buses down to the airport. Continue praying for us as we get ready to roll. Monday we are taking the full team out to Santa Ana to build 2 houses, paint, landscape, and conduct Bible studies. Oh, and play with the kids at Casa de Esperanza, too!!!! They have 10 new children since we were here last year! Got to go, Dios te bendiga!!!!!


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Sunny said...

Leslie, we are glad you arrived safely! Marvin and I are praying for you and can't wait to hear stories when you return!