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Thursday, July 12

Die Hard?

It has been a relaxing day at the mission house. Most us got to sleep in until 9:30 and eat breakfast at Dunkin Donuts, some people (SARA) got a little hyper after eating a triple chocolate donut...we then went to Baxter Institute, Valley of Angels, and Santa Lucia to get things ready for the next group coming down tomorrow. After driving around for awhile trying to find a children's home that we visited a few years ago, Terry proved that if you drive around long enough you might possibly find what you are looking for.
Following this
exhausting day, we went to the Metromall saw a movie and did some shopping. Let me tell you...it was TOUGH having to watch a movie in English, in an air conditioned room with popcorn. Needless to say we will all be glad to get back to work tomorrow.
Buenas noches! (That means good night for those of you who don't speak Spanish)


Anonymous said...

It must be tough, hanging out and eating popcorn, sleeping in and crushing donuts. "How I Spent My Summer" by Tyler "Puffy" Steffy.

Man, we miss you guys. Tell Brown Bear "The good reasons outweigh the bad, go for it".

Make sure your 2 coach passengers work hard, and don't forget to love on 'em a little (pool volleyball).

I'd say "take it easy", but it sounds like you've got that figured out already!!

Papa Grande

PattyJ said...

It sounds like things are going well. We miss you all there, but it is sure great to be able to get all of the water you want to drink for free!
We wanted to let you know that Linda came home from the hospital on Tue. or Wed. She is going to have to have some kind of procedure done for the problem. Our group is going to go visit her this afternoon. (fri.) We send our love!