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Monday, July 2

a very quick update

I would first like to say that all groups arrived safe and sound on Sunday (Brian Steffy- we finally got your daughter out of customs)! After a quick meal and a trip to the grocery store we arrived at home sweet home (aka: the mission house).

This morning we had a wonderful devo lead my Brett Mitchell. He really challenged us to do our best on this trip. No junk for Jesus! We then drove out to Santa Ana where there were 2 building teams and a group of men to conduct Bible studies. The divided up into 4 groups to go door knocking and then they had a Bible study at the church building. While at Casa de Esperanza a painting, landscaping, and warehouse clean up crew went right to work. Ken Ellis' group also went to Santa ana so we had a lot of workers today out there and got a lot done.

Our lost luggage from Sunday (we had 5 lucky contestants to win, "We Lost Your Bag!" sponsored by American Airlines)came in and was picked up. Terry, Margaret, and Rudy also went to the hospital for visitations and then went to the Bible Society and bought Bibles and coloring books. The bibles will be included in all of the foood bags we will be giving away later in the week.

We came back to the mission house in stages in time for dinner and then left for a devotional at the Jesus Statue. Mark Hendrickson, from Clinton, Oklahoma, was the speaker. He had a great message about monuments and what they represent. He encouraged us to remember that we have the most important gift of all ti give away, the knowledge of salvation and hope. The view, as always, was amazing. Even though a brif shower had come through earlier the night was clear and perfect.

Tuesday we have construction teams going out again and we will be doing visitation to Hospital San Philippe and Hospital Esquela. We also will be working in the feeding kitchen in Mololoa with the Kluge's and Jen Arnold. Their feeding project is called "The Manna Project" and they feed about 200 kids a day in Mololoa. Construction projects will be in Mololoa and Los Pinos.

I will be uploading pictures tomorrow. Please continue to remember us in your prayers.
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