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Sunday, July 15

Lord make us Instruments

Today started off a little earlier than usual. We had breakfast at 7:00 and then we loaded the buses at 8:15 and headed off to the Valley of the Angels for church service. Our service was a bilingual service. Danny Thomas led the singing in English and Carlos Toledo (the local preacher) led the singing in Spanish. Jim Williams spoke to us during church service and Phillip Shockley translated. His lesson brought home the fact that we have brothers and sisters in Christ around the world and that we are all the same to God. We stand before him in poverty because we do not have anything without Him. AB interpreted the comments for the Lord's Supper and we had prayers in English and Spanish. It was a wonderful assembly and it was great to worship a God who hears all languages!

During the service a few of our girls helped with the children's class. We located some left over coloring pages, crayons, and craft supplies from yesterday, (that by some miracle had been left in the bus) and gave these supplies to the teachers for the children's class. Of course, not children's Bible class is done until they have cookies and juice! There were 20 children present and we had a great time with them.

Following our worship service we had the opportunity to spend lots of money in the Valley... we were only hindered slightly by the torrents of rain (did we mention that it is rainy season down here?). At 3:00 we went to the Hope Center which is a small children's home in the Valley. They have 16 children that are all lovingly cared and well provided for. All of the children could comprehend and speak English. It was refreshing to see Honduran children that were both healthy and happy. We had a blast playing with the kids and giving them a few toys and some candy. They are adorable and just loved all of the attention. While that was going on a few team members slipped out of the house and engaged playtime and give away time with s0me local children that live across the street. Some of the interns at the Hope Center go over there on a regular basis to minister to these children. They were also just adorable although it is evident that they are not having the same home life the Hope Center children are receiving. It is so sad to know that so many children here are living in homes where love, hope, and safety are missing.

We then journeyed to Santa Lucia for an amazing dinner at the Santa Lucia Hotel. We had a buffet of chicken, beef, and pork that was amazing. We had a great time at the meal and had enough food left over to send back with Jen Wright. Jen has a group here from Ohio this week and they drove out to join us for dinner and our devotional. We then proceeded to the oldest cathedral in the Western hemisphere (built in 1530) for devo. The singing was beautiful and very moving (those of you that have been here know that the acoustics in this place is unbelievable). After devo we came back to the mission house to rest up for tomorrow.

We have a busy day planned tomorrow. We plan on sending a team back out to Mololoa to finish the house and also a team to work on the foundation some more. We also will send a team out to work in the kitchen to feed the children. The rest of us will be going to the special needs orphanage and to Dadasko. We also will be playing soccer at Victor Sport as if that was not enough. Keep us in your prayers. God is doing amazing things down here! Dios te bendiga!

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Jneny Lovell said...

Hey all, hope it is going well. I miss you guys and the people of Honduras already. I just got a call from someone at FHU that the family of Rudy is concerned and looking for him. They said that they do not know when he is coming home and they were supposed to hear from him when he reached Honduras and they never did. Anyway, I assured them that he was safe and he was with us all on our trip but I need to tell them when he is coming home. Please email me and let me know asap. Thanks Jenny Lovell. jlovell@fhu.edu