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Sunday, July 8

The Last Day in Honduras

today started a little bit earlier than usual. breakfast was from 7-8, which we had some amazing ham & cheese omlets & french toast. After breakfast everyone loaded up on the busses and trucks, and we headed to Agua Agria for church at the church building that we had built last year and just the other day we put in a concrete floor for them. Worship today was unbelievably hot, for some it made focusing very difficult, not only was it 98 degrees with about 80% humidity, but there are no seats in the building so everyone was sitting or standing on the floor and there are only 2 windows and they’re both on the same side of the building so there was no breeze except what air could slip through the cracks in the walls. Timoteo led the singing in Spanish, and Ben Cooper led singing in English, on some songs the members sang a song in Spanish as we sang it in English, it was really awesome to hear! At the same time we were having worship we had a VBS where we again talked about Noah, down the road at the school so the kids were able to have their own worship service with joel and his vbs crew. We made an amazing ark today. it was made of old boxes, duct tape and we made it in less than 30 minutes. We sang in Spanish and of course in English. The children loved every minute of it. The lesson today was given by Colby Hill, he is such an amazing speaker! He gave a very good lesson today and really related it to those living in the village, making more of an impact on them.

After church, some of us went back to the hotel, some worked on the playground, and others played/watched soccer. The soccer game…well, let’s just say it wasn’t TORCH’s best performance, I believe the final score was something around 6 or 7 to nothing, so it was a very humbling experience. I don’t know whose idea it was to schedule a soccer game, on a rocky field, when it’s 98 degrees out, no shade, very little breeze, and we had worked our behinds off alllll week…but you know whoever did schedule it didn’t play. After getting humiliated by the locals in soccer, we carried our broken bodies and pride on to the bus and headed back to the hotel where we enjoyed and evening of relaxation, whether it was in the pool or the air conditioned rooms.

While most of us were either playing or watching soccer, Tricky Pat headed up a small crew to finish the playground. They worked really hard and almost finished it. It’s done enough that the kids can play on it now and that is awesome. This will give the kids in the community a place to play and hang out together. There are just a few odds and ends that Timoteo will do and it will be perfect!

The rest of the evening everyone relaxed, packed, and had our last meal and devo in Honduras for this trip. Matt gave us an excellent lesson tonight at devo, followed by a presentation by Jared Brown about Mission Lazaraus. Mission Lazaraus is an organization in San Marcos that works with churches to help reach out to the communities physical and spiritual needs. JB and his interns then sold some of their tshirts, necklaces, coffee, and hats to us afterwards.

Overall today was a very productive day, and a perfect day to end the work part of our trip. Everyone is ready to slow down and relax a little bit before we head back to the states. Tomorrow morning we will be leaving choluteca at 6:30 am and we will hopefully arrive in El Salvador at our hotel at around noon.

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