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Tuesday, July 3

Salud! Day 2


Jay Tucker said...

We love and miss you. So proud! Be safe. Precious child you are holding.

Love Mom and Dad

Dorothy Tucker said...

Hi sweet Sara,
You look so adorable with the cute
little girl. Tell her I said "hello" too.
We miss you, but are so happy you
got this opportunity to spread the
good words of Christ and to share
your faith. We miss you and we
we love you,
GranDaddy, Cissy Lu and Grannydot

Anonymous said...

10 commandments Anyone heard of this nee 10 commandments animated file with Christian Slater as the voice of Moses?

BillMax said...

Hey Terry and Walker Cheatham!
We saw your picture on Sunday night. We hope you are having a great time and spreading the word to lots of people down there.
We love you and are waiting to hear many details after you get home.
Love Ginny and PaPaw