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Wednesday, July 4

Salud! Day 2

We had a wonderful day of doing the Lord's work today. As you have already read,
part of the group spent the 1st 1/2 of the day packing up food packet to be
distributed. 250 packets of food were prepared (consisting of flour, sugar,
beans, rice, lard (we call it Crisco), tomato paste, pasta, coffee, and chicken
bouillon (a total of 1,204 bouillon cubes were counted out today). These packets
will be distributed to and be a great blessing from God to 250 families. After
preparing the food packets, this team went to Hospital Escuela and visited with
some kids receiving treatment their. It's a wonderful opportunity to show Jesus
by brightening a suffering child's day. We went to the cancer unit, the burn unit, and the children's ward. We gave out toys and stuffed animals and we also took coloring books and bubbles. Some of the children were in a lot of pain but it was great to see a smile on their face, if even for just a few minutes while we were there.

We had a group of people who worked at a food distribution center in the village
of Mololoa that is operated by Randy and Melissa Kluge. The provide hot meals
for children of the village around the age range of 2 and 10. For most, if not
all of these children, it will be the only hot meal they get each day. This part
of the TORCH team assisted the kitchen staff in their work. About 100 kids were
served today. Jenny Lovell was the singing gringo, entertaining one and all with her upbeat singing. She is one giant ball of energy down here!

2 houses were also constructed at Mololoa by 2 teams. Through God, and
overcoming encounters with barb wire, a slightly unstable hillside, minor
chainsaw issues and a rainstorm, we were able to provide good shelter for 2
families that did not have it this morning. The teams worked really hard to get done so that the families would be able to move into their new homes before sunset. Once that was done one of the construction teams left Mololoa and drove over to Los Pinos. A house was started by the Atlanta group but was only half finished before they had to leave. Our crew finished the house and the family was able to move in at dusk. Along the way the "Bus With No Name" broke down with Ken Ellis' group so Elroy went to the rescue.

We also were able to do some shopping tonging from a program called Mi
Esperanza. Mi Esperanza trains Honduran woman to work in a variety of fields. They had handmade crafts of pottery, gypsy bags, jewelry, t-shirts, and a variety of other goods to sell. It was like a feeding frenzy of piranas as Torch members bought in wreckless abandon!!! Well, maybe that was a bit of a stretch, but lest's say the cash flowed!

Evening devo was awesome. The singing was absolutely beautiful. Jeremy Qullian JQ), from Sarasota, Florida, spoke. He talked about the reward we will recive for the work we do here on earth. After the lesson we sang a couple more songs (did I mention the singing was unbelievable?) and then had our first "Where Did You See Jesus Today?" Lots of comments were made focusing in on all of the things that we have done down here. It is amazing to hear the stories and to see the faces of people that are being mentioned. You can tell that they were surprised that anyone even noticed what they were doing.

Ken Ellis' group said goodbyes because they are leaving EARLY in the morning. What a beautiful day. Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings. Love to all.

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