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Thursday, July 5

Last Day in Tegucigalpa

Today was our last day in Tegucigalpa. Our bus will leave at 6AM for Choluteca!! As I stated yesterday, everyday has been better than the last...today was no different. We met again at the overlook for morning devotional. It was cloudy today but you could still see the valley below us. It was cool today, at least at the beginning. Ross Vego, from Memphis, Tennessee, gave the morning lesson. He read several scriptures today from the Old Testament and gave us a lesson about the sluggard. He related to us that we work so hard down here but many times we don't back home. He encouraged us not to be lazy when we get back to the states and find ways to continue our ministry.

We all went to the Valley of Angels today and split into 2 main groups. Our first group was sent to re-build a TORCH house that was built several years ago. The house had lost part of its roof and needless to say was leaking. This house had a million dollar view! The house overlooked the deep valley that seperated one side of the mountain from the others. The woman that lived there has been praying for help and was thrilled to see her faith answered when we pulled up. The main part of the structure was in fair condition so repairs were made to the existing house and the new lumber served as an addition. a quick 4 hours later a wonderful house stood overlooking the valley and a very, very happy woman is sleeping tonight in a house with a beautiful wood floor and a roof that doesn't leak!

While this group of BuffTrucks worked...the second group spent a few hours shopping in the Valley of the Angels and did some sight seeing. This was the only day to go and buy for family, friends, and supporters back home. Even though all they wanted was post cards a variety of stuff was bought from the local craftsmen. Some spent a little and some went crazy, but for a couple of hours we all had some fun and had a bit of time to relax from the past few days of fast paced work.

We then headed back into Tegucigalpa and made out way to the Blind School. For those of us who have been here before, this is one of the high lights of the trip. 42 students attend this special school for those who have varied degrees of blindness. They are some of the most cheerful children you will ever meet and they love visitors!!! They dismissed classes when we arrived and they came out to the courtyard to greet us. Backpacks carried all kinds of toys, stuffed animals, bubbles, and candy. (I am not sure who was having more fun if you know what I mean...).

We were then treated to a wonderful concert inside in the common room where the children sang several songs to us. They are temendous singers and you can tell it is coming from the deepest part of their hearts. When they finished we had a chance to sing to them. We sang "there is a God," "The Greatest Command," "Jeus Love Me," and "Holy Ground." We thought we were finished but they had a request; "The Greatest Command." We have sang it for them before and they wanted to hear it again. To be honest, I am not sure if there were any dry eyes in our crowd. It was a GREAT afternoon.

We got back to the Mission House and sent a bus with work volunteers down to meet up with another crew at the bodega. We grabbed about 45 boxes of shoes, clothes, food, medicine, and playground equipment that we are going to take to Choluteca. After dinner we all packed up suitcases and brought them down to the big tree outside the big dorm. After devo we loaded up 3 buses with all of the luggage and the huge amount of food we are planning on giving away this weekend. Colby Hill, from Sarasota, Florida, was our speaker tonight. He is one of the best speakers you will ever hear. He talked about mercy instead of sacrifice. Oh, did I mention the singing was great? yeah, it was.

We leave at 6:00 am sharp (according to our fearless leaders) for Choluteca, the place Satan goes for a hot cup of coffee. But, we have our game faces on and we are ready. We are going to be doing a ton of stuff over there, including building another house, a playground, and putting in a concrete floor at the church building we built last year. We are also going to have a medical clinic, a VBS, and work with Mission Lazarus, a great ministry headed up by Jerod Brown. We are going to be painting a building that will be used for a new congregation forming in Choluteca and help plant trees for a harvesting program that they are doing there.

Goodnight from Teguc, we will try to update as soon as we can. Choluteca, here we come!

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