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Wednesday, July 11


today was a sad day, because today we said goodbye to each other. as brett mitchell said earlier this trip, "this will be the last time that this group of people will ever be together." it was such a great group of people to work with, and it was sad having to say goodbye to each other because we don't know when or if we will see each other next. some of us left earlier than others, we had a group leave at 5 am for the airport, and the rest of the group left at 10:30, and those of us staying for the next trip left at around 11. i pray that all of those who were flying home made it there safe and sound! for those of us who stayed, we rode to san salvador on a bus, then took a 6 hr. bus ride from san salvador to tegucigalpa. this wasn't just any bus ride though, all but two of us (kelsey & rachael) got the privaledge to ride first class, and i must say it was the nicest bus ride i have ever been on. we had large leather seats that reclined into almost a bed. we had a lot of food and drinks. it was super nice! we arrived in tegucigalpa around 8:30, loaded our bags into marc's vehicles, then we all went out to eat for what seemed like the 10th time today. after dinner we went up to the mission house and arrived at around 10:30, it was nice to be back finally, and we get to get another full nights rest to prepare for the next group!


Anonymous said...

SRQ team made it home safely. I miss it already...Much love to Puff Daddy and Brown Bear. Take good care of our girls, Creepy and Awkward.

Big Poppa

pjTN said...

The Clarksville group made it back late last night. (1:30 am) We hope all is going well there!

Anonymous said...

Hey gang! Glad to see your down time is over,maybe you can get Erin,Kelsey,and Rachael to work now
(HA HA HA).Terry my prayers are with you as I hear that Team Shea is on their way down there.

Anonymous said...

i would give a lot to be there right now!! i miss it SOOO much! Glad to hear yall made it to tegucigalpa safe!
Love, Sara Tucker