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Tuesday, July 10

Le Leche...or I mean; La Fleche!!

Hola!! From El Salvador! Today we had a very early start. We had to have our bags down by the buses by 6 am. Which for normal people is way to early, I don’t know how some of you early birds can do that and be happy. By 6:30 we had all of our bags loaded on the 2 air conditioned busses. We had one charter bus and one smaller bus like vehicle; I don’t really know what to call it. We then started on our journey to “Costa del Sol.” On our trek here, we had a 30 minute stop at the border for 2 men to come on the buses and check everyone’s passport, in which the man who checked mine didn’t even look at it, he picked it up, flipped through the pages and gave it back. Can someone tell me why flipping through 60 passports takes 30 minutes? Other than that, we didn’t have any other stops on the way here. It took us about 5.5 hrs to get here. We also had some free entertainment on the bus from Jenny and here gang of girls with the La Fleche initiations, which was a bit humorous. We also had the opportunity to watch all of the spidermans in Spanish…that was exciting…We finally arrived here at the resort (which I can’t remember the name of right now) at around 12:20. As soon as we got off the bus some of us went directly to the beach and enjoyed a bit of the ocean breeze. We then all came back for orientation. Afterwards, fruit drinks were provided from the hotel, and then we all ate lunch. After lunch some of us went into the pool, most of us went out to the beach and into the nice and warm pacific ocean. Meanwhile some of us took advantage of the time by taking a nap, and others set up beach volleyball and played until dinner. Which was wonderful: salad, rice, fresh veggies, fish, steak, rolls, and flan…it was a feast fit for a king. After dinner we all hung out around or near the beach until devo at 9. Tonight devo was very warm, because we had a very very large bonfire built by the staff here. Tonight our lesson was brought by Jack from Memphis. He gave us a lesson on our confidence with or in God. it was a very good lesson that we can all take and apply to our everyday lives. After devo we picked our chairs off of the beach and socialized for one of the last few times that we will all be together. Tomorrow will be very nice because we can all recooperate a little bit, and reflect what God has done through us in the last 9-10 days.

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lioness4Him said...

: ) I just found your blog site as I was looking up a Honduran fruit for my sister...
I Just arrived home from Honduras this morning at 4 a.m. I went there with a missions group from USA, Indiana. We worked alongside the native missionary in Honduras, with construction projects on one of his churches... and since I am missing it already, and am glad to read the site of a fellow Christian, (who has gone to Honduras) I thought I'd write a note.