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Monday, July 16

Loco Gringos..

Today was the first day since our group arrived that it did not rain (at least during the daytime, it rained tonight during evening devotional). We were finally able to have morning devo at the overlook! We had a powerful devo lead by Danny Mullins, he spoke to us about the children he has met and how they have ministered to him. We then split into 5 groups: one team went to finish a house in Mololoa, a concrete team, a small group to sort all of the medical supplies, a group worked with the Mana project in Mololoa and the rest of us went to the Special Needs Orphanage and then on to Didasko Orphanage.

The construction team did not get to finish the Witte House that we started on Saturday, so they left this morning to finish it with the help of the concrete team. After the dedication they joined us at Didasko Orphanage. The concrete team first helped finish the house and then worked on the foundation for the daycare in Mololoa. This group of "Loco Gringos" as we like to call them did a tremendous job busting HUGE boulders, carrying gravel up the mountain side, digging trenches and mixing concrete. Jack Nichols, a member of the concrete team, actually has been preparing to do concrete work. 6 months ago he made a decision to go to a gym and work out to become physically fit to prepare himself for this trip (please refer to loco gringos). This group continued to do this back breaking work all day in the sun and still managed to return home in a good mood with smiles on their faces (although they had a crazy look in their eye...).

Our medical team went to the bodega today to sort our medical supplies and make them ready for tomorrows clinic. They spent literally 2 hours breaking down all the medicine into personal doses and putting Spanish labels on everything. The rest of the group loaded their bags with toys and headed of to the Special Needs Orphanage where we blessed with the opportunity to spend a few hours with these wonderful children! We then headed to Didasko, which by the way is in the middle of no where!! When the children saw our buses they came running from all directions to greet us. We got to spend several hours playing with these amazing children. When we had to say our goodbyes the children stood at the gate until we could no longer see them. I don't believe there was a dry eye on the bus when we left.

Following a long day of work (or play) a group went to play indoor soccer. Marc Tindall's interns came with us and we also had some of the men who work for American Airlines come too. Several also went to watch and to cheer on the players at Victor Sport. We then returned to the mission house for devo. We sang a few songs and had a short message. Tonight was the first time we have been able to do the where did you see Jesus reflection time. Hopefully we will be able to do this more as the trip continues.

Tomorrow our plans include VBS in the Valley of Angels, a construction team, medical clinic, and believe it or not a concrete team returning to Mololoa. The pace continues to be fast and furious as we try to squeeze as much into the day as we can. We ask for prayers, especially for Mother Nature to be kind to us for the rest of the trip. Good night from Torch central.


TW said...

I continue to pray for your health and strength. As you take your eyes off yourself, and look out for others, it's amazing how your needs and others needs are met!

Nancy Thomas said...

Lots of love and prayers are sent to the Palmetto team!! You are dearly missed, but we are all so proud of the great work you are doing. Thank you for serving for ALL of us! We love you!!!

Ed Tilden said...

Tell Lynn Witte "HI" from her Colonial family, and tell we love her hat.

Ed Tilden said...

Please post pictures of the Whitte House whenever you can so Lynn's Colonial family can follow along.