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Tuesday, July 17

Never a DULL moment..

Today started off with an amazing breakfast of pancakes that almost everyone got up in time to enjoy and a devo lead by Jack Nichols on the overlook where he encouraged us to not waste a minute of the time we had here. There were 4 teams today a construction team, a medical and VBS team in the Valley of Angels. We also had a concrete team...surprising I know.

We loaded the buses and left at 9:00 sharp (actually it was 9:20, but that is about as sharp as you can get in Honduras). Once we arrived at the Valley of Angels and unloaded the bus the Medical team prepared everything for the patients that were already beginning to lineup. 10 people made up our outstanding medical crew which was in side the church building. While patients waited for medical treatment an adult bible study was conducted. A few members of the VBS team climbed a mountain (I mean this literally) to spread the news of about our free medical clinic and VBS. Once we returned to the church we began to entertain the children that were beginning to arrive. When the children finally got out of school we began VBS which was about Jesus healing the paralytic.

The concrete team was at Mololoa never ceases to amaze us. Today a dump truck deposited a truck load of huge rocks ranging in sizes of a watermelon and beach ball (strange analogy i know...but its the best we could come up with). above their work site. They then had to carry or in most cases roll these rocks down the mountain to their work site. The construction team built a house in honor of Tom Beach's mother in the Valley of the Angels. This house came with a million dollar view, if you had seen this site you would understand why this place is called the Valley of the Angels. Building a house in Honduras is never dull...even if the chainsaw always is. This summer we have had to preform CPR on our chainsaws more times than you could count. The family that received this house was a 20 year old mother with a 4 year old and a 2 year old child.

Tonight we had a relaxing night at the mission house. After dinner we had another awesome devo lead by Ed Nicholson. Tomorrow we have a full day planned for the VBS and Medical crew, food distribution, and of course....concrete.


Anonymous said...

We are praying daily and more often for your great work and for our dear children, Cindy, Lauren, Lindsay, Andy, Chip, Julia, Ben and Emily. Ya'll are awesome! We love you. Looks from the pic that Brenda is feeling better. Been praying for you, gal. Love to all our church family, Heyward and Carra

Anonymous said...

I recognize the door that the Sarasota girls are sitting in front of in one of the pictures below.....That's the children's home we stumbled upon during the scouting trip last year!! Man, I am soooo jealous. Was my baby Coco with the huge hair still there? Your killin' me Terry, just killin' me....Oh well....I guess you can't do everything in 11 days. I'm glad the girls go to go and see the home and all those sweet faces.


Anonymous said...

What awesome news on how well things are going over there! I have been keeping myself updated on the daily blog. Sounds like there has been some rain!!! Anyway, we are praying for all of you over there. God is great! We're proud of you guys. Take Care
Janell and Cortnie Fort