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Saturday, July 7

"Mad Cow Disease..."

Today started out with a healthy FREE breakfast consisting of pancakes, eggs, toast, and cereal. Followed by a devo next to the pool lead Jason Tennant. We then split up into our teams, we had five teams today. We had a tree planting team, a house team, playground team, medical team and food and clothing team.

A group of 8 went to San Marcos they planted a 150 trees on a beautiful mountain overlooking Choluteca and almost Nicaragua. Randi and Brianna became SUPER bufftrucks today by digging through huge boulders. Brett took the leap of death…..without dying of course. This was all done on a ranch owned by mission Lazarus. The trees planted today, in 10 years will be harvested for a $100 a piece providing mission Lazarus with the ability to support itself.

Today our house was built on a beautiful site that was almost completely level. Everything was going smooth, we had dug all the posts, gotten 3 walls up and then Travis “the brute” thought it would be fun to break the chainsaw handle…causing the construction to come to a halt. After an hour of doing nothing the chainsaw came back to us and we were able to continue construction. Except for the occasional or should I say frequent bending nail and splitting wood, the house went exceptionally smooth especially when Tricky and Wyatt came and helped us. The only drawback to this house was that we ran out of wood, so tomorrow after church we will take a few guys back and finish the last few boards (4 to be exact). The family that we built it for was very helpful and grateful that they now have a new house. The man had a crippled hand and many children, so they were very thankful that God had blessed them with a new roof over their heads.

The playground team accomplished a lot today, especially since they didn’t have any nails at first. Although Jason tried to destroy the tower, it is in one piece and is almost ready to have kids all over it. We will put on the finishing touches tomorrow after church!

The medical clinic saw many many patients today and passed out a ton of children’s vitamins and pepto bismol. ( anybody from the july 13th trip: please bring cough syrup, eyedrops, adult/senior vitamins & benidryl). Dr. Tom, Judy, & Anna did an amazing job today taking care of patients. The translators also were incredible today working with the clinic.

Last but not least our food and clothing team gave out food bags, clothing and also took pictures of the families that came through the lines. They did a wonderful job today, despite the trials of some families “stretching the true” about how many people are in their family and also repeatedly coming back in line. This team really did feed the hungry and clothe the naked.

Tomorrow we will be going to church in Ague Sagrea and possibly bringing in the largest attendance in Honduras, VBS will be held during the service. Following church service some of our boys will be heading out to play some soccer with the locals, a small team will be made to go finish the house and playground.

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