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Wednesday, July 18

No es mi culpa!

Today was a great day: #1 because God blessed us with the ability to get up this morning & #2 because we got to do work for Him. Although He blessed us with the ability to get up, for some of us, this wasn't an easy task. But for some this must be an easy task because there were a bunch of people out by the cafeteria at 6:30 this morning!!! I don't know how they did that but God must have blessed them with a long night's sleep. After breakfast, we
had devo out at the rock. We then split into 4 teams: a food distribution and concrete team went to Mololoa, we also had our VBS and medical crew back in the valley.

We gave out 130 bags of food today in Mololoa, which is about a 3rd of what they packed up. It took us nearly 3 hours to break down all the food. We had 2 full deliveries of food to seperate and bag. The crew made work into fun as they bagged up beans, rice, sugat, coffee, flour, and other staples. Tonight at devo we discovered that there are a few mountain goats among us..Ray, Danny, and Julia were a few of the ones that were mentioned. They scaled steep inclines to get food up to houses that were located at the very tip of the mountains.

The concrete
team..there are no words left to describe them. Their fearless leader was down with HTP today, they went to work without him today. Tom Beach has declared tomorrow an official day of rest for this team, but rest assured they will be hard at work again on Friday. We are pretty sure they like their new nickname, "The Loco Gringos!" Believe us when we say they have earned it!

When we arrived at the Valley today we were amazed at the number of people that had already gathered and were waiting. Their were 275 people waiting on us when we got there for medical treatment and for the VBS. After a quick prayer we got right to work.VBS began at 2 and was about Jesus raising Lazarus from the grave. After lots of singing and a skit we had pb&j's and lemonaid!! once all the children had been served we then offered these to the adults waiting in line. Right about this time the clouds let lose! (yep, more rain, just more of the same wet stuff we have been battling since we have been here...) Luckily we were able to allow the rest of the patients to come in side or on to the front porch.

All the while our medical team is working up a storm (sorry, I couldn't resist). While at the clinic we met a man who had 10 children. He and his family had walked 10 miles just to get here today. They have no house, no food, no clothes for their children. To make matters worse he was robbed of everything (even his clothes) early in the day before they traveled over to see us. The police knew where we were and helped get him to us. They spoke with some of our team members and with the preacher, Carlos Toledo, of the Church in the valley. At the end of the day we gave them any food we had left and the leftover lemonaid from VBS. We then gave them a ride back to the police station, which is where they are living at the moment. Once back at the mission house we prepared a few care boxes for them. Carlos is suppose to come up and get the supplies to give the family.

Evening devotional was later than usual so that the team could go to the grocery store to restock their lunch foods. After devotional the Palmetto group made some special presentations to the Manna Project. Randy and Melissa Kluge, along with Jen Arnold, was present to receive a beautiful plaque to honor Claudia Pinkston, who was unable to come this year. She has been a cornerstone of the team from SC and is battling health issues. The new daycare center that is under construction in Mololoa will have a library and a section of the library will be called "Claudia's Corner." The building will be completed by next summer and we look forward to Claudia being with us to see the finished work! Palmetto also gave the Manna Project team a check for $5,200.00 that was collected from the congregation to help with the feeding center. Melissa gave us a tearful reminder of what they money provides for these precious little children that they are working with here in Honduras.

Tomorrow we plan to do food distribution in Nueve Oriental, a visit to the hospital and also the blind school. Even though we are getting near the end of the trip we are not slowing down. Good night from Torch Central.


Anonymous said...

I awoke with prayers to our Father for you all. Then I immediately read the blog from your day yesterday (as I do each morning). You guys are amazing and praises to God for all you are doing. I can understand why our group is prone to cry; I can have tears in my eyes reading about your untiring efforts to show love of our Savior to such a great people. Love to all, miss you and be safe, in Him, Carra and Heyward

PattyJ said...

Mark H. from OK your email address isn't working. I have pictures to send you.