Our Mission Statement

Tuesday, July 10

Last Day

Today was our first full day of complete relaxation in ten days. Some of us had a little bit of energy left though to do some activities throughout the day, but most of us slept until 1. For those of us who didn’t sleep until one. Breakfast with refried beans, eggs, and fried plantain was from 8-10, then we had a snack at 10:30. Talk about a lot of food!! The snack was a nice refreshment for those who were swimming or playing volleyball though. After spending hours at the beach, going through bottles of sunblock and still getting sunburnt, it was time for lunch; which was amazing! We had salad, rice, veggies, fish, chicken, and some type of plantain cake. After lunch most of us lounged around in the pool, the beach, the lounge area, or went back to sleep. Some of us tried out the fishing for $10…you’ll have to ask Tyler Hoffman how successful and fun that was. Also some of us had some fun with the volleyball in the pool, you can ask Randi, Erin, or Sara how much fun that was. At 3:00 some of us paid $10 to take a boat ride around the marina area for about 2 hrs. After they all got back a huge storm hit Bahia Del Sol and dinner was moved upstairs. Although we thought we were safe from the rain, the storm was so powerful that water was flooding under the door, and the workers had to sweep out all of the water. After the swamp was cleared out we had dinner, which consisted of: potato salad, guacamole, refried beans (once again of course), papusas, cole slaw, steak, and cake. It was very good!! After dinner, we had our final devo by Terry, it was very moving and he spoke about how we need to make a difference no matter what we’re doing, meaning that no matter where we are at, or how minor the difference may be we need to try and do our best to be a difference maker. After devo, we said our goodbyes to those who are leaving at some ridiculous times in the morning like 5 am!! And there were many pictures taken, and many tears cried.

This has been a really great trip and through God we accomplished a lot. Thank you all so much for all the prayers that were given on our behalf. Please pray for safe travel and that God will bless us all with the opportunity to see each other again.

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