Our Mission Statement

Saturday, June 30

Greetings from Tegucigalpa

The first round of travelers arrived safely today (Friday) Diane Woods, your daughter is safe and sound. 7 of us flew into Tegucigalpa and experienced what might have been the best landing in the history of the airport. It was shockingly smooth and we had a LOT of runway left over when we came to a stop. Instead of an e-ticket roller coaster ride it was more like a kiddie ride. BUT, we are not complaining!!! Of course, the "welcome to Honduras" moments began as soon as we got here. First, Ryan Thompson is the first to claim lost baggage. His suitcase did not arrive and we are going back to the airport today to get it(hopefully). Since he is currently 9 feet tall (not really) no one has clothes that can fit him. So we are very hopeful that it will come.

Marc Tindall met us at the airport with good news that our container was released and we were to go straight to the new bodega to unload it. So, we did the "hurry up and wait" system that is so common down here. We got to the bodega (about a block from the old one.... and much nicer I must add....)and waited 4 HOURS before the customs officials finally got there. Concrete sidewalks served as beds and couches for us as we waited in the hot sun. Once they got there the unloading was done quickly. Ken Ellis' group from Atlanta (about 17) helped us unload the boxes and supplies along with 4 or 5 that Jen Arnold broght with her. Then we headed up to the Mission House to claim bunks and unpack out stuff.

The Mission House is undergoing major improvements to the campus. The entire upper part of the campus, by the road, has been torn down and new buildings are going up. That means no chapel, no storage room, no meeting room, and no dorm rooms up there right now. Villa Gracia's office has moved to the 2nd floor of the new dorm in the lobby area. It is going to make everything we do more of a challenge. But, we will adjust. Welcome to Honduras!

Last night we went out to eat at Pizza Hut. We were just about as tired as anyone here, but everyone wanted to have a hot meal. It was very good and we enjoyed just hanging out and chilling a little bit. We got back to the Mission House around 10:00 and called it a night. It is good to be back and to see many friends. Jen Arnold came and visited for quite a while and Marc Tindall and Janet Hines are here as well. We have already had a lot of laughs along the way. If this is any indication, it is going to be a good trip!!! Showers were in order when we got back (Tyler Steffy even had the Hondurans looking at him funny as he walked by....). Leslie Woods already wants to come back next year to enjoy all of the "smells" she has experienced so far!

Today (Saturday) we are going to the old warehouse (bodega) to finish moving the last of Torch / IRC's stuff out of there and taking it to the new location. I will be making airport runs all day today. 2 come in at 11:30 on Continental, 2 come in at 12:30 on American, and 2 come in at 5:00 on TACA. Our main team (about 40) come in on Sunday. We are lining up work projects today and getting some details worked out. If possible we are going to meet up with Ken Ellis' group this afternoon. They are taking the youth group from Los Pinos out to the mall today for dinner and a movie. We are going to have a combined devo tomorrow (Sunday) with them once everyone gets here.

Time to start running. After weeks and weeks of preparing, waiting, praying, and dreaming, the trip is here! Continue to pray for us as we work for the kingdom down here. May God's blessings be on us all!!!!



Raven said...

Hey Guys, glad to know that the first groups made it in safe. Terry, I know you and Margaret will take care of Mary and Jenny for me, tell them I am already missing them. We are praying for all of you.

Anonymous said...

Hey Terry, I've talked to all group leaders and got Tom's box.All is well with the house after more rain here.Glad ya made it safely and tell Jen (both),Tim,Janet and Gayle hi.