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Tuesday, June 30

The Day of Many Rivers...

Since Brandy left, I will be taking over the blog for the remainder of the trip. Today, the majority of the group left the Nashville, Clarksville, Florida, and the Memphis groups left for the states today. It was a very sad time to see everybody leave, for all of those who left today, we miss you and can't wait to see all of you again!

After the leaving members and a few others left, we had a quick prayer devotional. We also loaded wood onto 1 bus and food onto the other bus. We split into 2 groups: 1 food distribution, and 1 construction team. Tricky Pat lead the construction team today which had 20 members. Dr. Aguilera and I lead the food distribution team. The construction crew had a very difficult build today. The site was cut out of a hillside and there was nowhere to stack the wood (those of you who have built houses before realize that this can cause major delays in the construction of a house). They also had to deal with 1 foot deep Honduran mud. The house was very challenging because they were short a few pieces of tin. They also got rained on during the build. But in the end, another family was able to have a roof over their head tonight.

The food distribution team had a much easier time today...for the most part. Cheryl and Gloria Aguilera pretty much ran the show. A few different groups went in different directions so that we could cover more ground. Brett took the truck and loaded it with food to take to another part of the mountain, meanwhile the bus took the rest of the group further up the mountain where it stayed for the rest of the day. Dr. Aguilera and John Otis decided to tell people to just come to the bus at around 12:30 for a short devotional and afterwards the would receive a bag of dry food and a bag of vegetables. It turned out to be a great plan. We were able to give out all of our food bags throughout the day...but, it was too much of a perfect day to end that way. Brett Mitchell loaded the final 30 bags on the truck to take to a team that had ran out on a ridge farther up the mountain. The ride was a little slick to begin with and using a truck that has about the same horse power as an Amish buggy, it made it even worse. Brett got to this little road and this lady is shaking her hands at him telling him he can't go down this road, but he had already passed her, so after failing an attempt to reverse, Brett decided to go forward after being forewarned not to. He made it to a tiny place that he could turn around in, and it took amazing driving skills to do this, then God felt that Brett needed to be humble, so as he's driving back over a drain pipe, the middle of the truck got stuck on a rock. He then proceeded to rock the truck back and forth... apparently this is where God found it a convenient time to humble Brett and his amazing turn around. As he was rocking back and forth, the drain pipe underneath the truck crumbled and the truck slid off of the road making it almost on it's side sunk completely in mud... "Welcome to Honduras!" so we called Mark and him, Tim, Allen Burris, and Brian Steffy came to the rescue. It took a lot of brute force, engineering brains, a tow strap, and many prayers, but we freed the truck without a scratch or dent. Tomorrow though, we have to go back and replace the drain pipe for them, which we will gladly do. We are also building another house tomorrow. The Pennsylvania group is leaving tomorrow along with 1 or 2 others, so please pray for they safe travels. We love and miss you all. Buenos Noches


P.S- pictures of Brett's Truck will be coming soon!!

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