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Thursday, June 25

welcome to Honduras

The advance team arrived in Honduras yesterday and the "welcome to Honduras" moments have already started!  So, here is the first of many updates coming to you from Central America.

We discovered yesterday at the airport that Delta and Continental ARE charging for the second piece of luggage.  American is Not charging... imagine That!  Sorry, welcome to Honduras.  The American Airline flight was delayed and arrived 2 1/2 hours late.  Welcome to Honduras.  One of my bags did not make it.   Welcome to Honduras.  Friendship rental car, where we rent our pickups, did not have any available.  Welcome to Honduras.  So, in other words, typical trip. 

All is well so far. Today will be a day to organize up coming projects and buying supplies. We will be driving into town to make copies of the VBS flyer and meeting with Mark Connell to visit potential house sites for building. Tim is constantly updating us on the political situation here in Honduras. Things are stable as of now, although, the President has been on the television frequently making appeals to support his agenda. We are expecting large turnouts on the streets this weekend as the vote approaches. Our plan is to proceed with caution as we plan our work. 

We will send more information as we receive it. As a reminder, make sure to retain luggage claim tickets because we experienced very strict security at the airport. Also, make sure that those bringing Torch gear bags have i.d. tags because that is the bag that did not show yesterday for me. With 90 bags coming in, all looking the same, you can imagine the airport security trying to verify baggage claim numbers. 

The weather is hot a rainy, just like we like it. We will be waiting at the airport on Friday. Can't wait to see everyone!!! 


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Anonymous said...

Hey guys!!!! Sounds like you're having a great time :) I'm so sorry that I can't share this year with everybody but I'm sure it will be a great trip that God has wonderful plans for. A little note to Brandy: you need to type with your Mississippi accent; otherwise, people don't get the full effect of receiving information from you. Well I've got to tend to the "Light indoor activities" that were prescribed by my doctors (that means sitting around and watching TV).
I'll be commenting every day,
Collin Thompson

P.S. If Mark doesn't hook up the iChat thing in the devos, you can tell him that there will be an indescribable wrath that reins down upon him by a brain damaged kid :)

K. bye