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Tuesday, June 2

Come on, give me a real challenge...

To say Nate (my son, for those who might not know “the prince”) is a chip off of the old block is not totally accurate. To say he is a chunk off of the block might be more precise. I am sure my son would not admit it openly, but he is a lot like me in so many ways. One of his many similar traits is confidence. The boy does not suffer from a shortage of this man trait. Of course, with mentors like Tim Hines and Mark Connell (for those who do not know these men, you will certainly get to know them this summer on our trip down in Honduras), let’s just say Nate has been influenced and leave it at that.

This last couple of weeks has been quite a stressor for me. Just trying to wrap up the school year with reviews, finals, grading papers, etc. is rough, but add to that the upcoming retreat, all of the paper work that has to be filled out (and collected from our last minute add on people and for those who haven’t turned everything in yet…), buying supplies, and you have the perfect recipe for stress. And then I found out that I was being let go from school. Due to a drop in registration, several of us at school were told we would not have contracts renewed for next year. So, add to this mix filling out applications, typing up resumes, and trying to set up interviews, and now you have one stressed out mission team leader.

THEN, just in case I had not quite reached the “snapping point,” a few of my long term Spanish translators contacted me to tell me they would not be able to go this summer. I went from 10 translators to 3. All had good reasons and I am certainly not upset with them… but this Alabama boy has had about all he could take. I had so many issues to deal with that I felt I was involved in a 5-alarm fire. Enter Nathan Reeves.

The most pressing thing on my list (in my mind at least) was 2 fold: find Spanish translators and find a doctor for our medical team (I didn’t even mention that one…). I sent out emails to my network / resourcing friends in the ministry field looking for anyone that might fill the bill. Nathan called me on the phone and told me not to worry, he was on it. Again, for those who know Nate, and those who have molded him, you have to take in a breath and just hold it when you hear that phrase.

About an hour or two later he called me back. “Problem solved. The real question should have been HOW MANY translators do you want?” Now, stressed out of his mind Dad was hearing his highly confident son tell me that he solved the translator problem. 1 phone call and a couple of emails he said. He sent me 2 phone numbers and told me to make the calls. I laughed to myself. Right. So, when is the last time you ate a slice of humble pie? Mine was a great big slice and it tasted pretty good to tell you the truth.

2 phone calls later I have 5 (yes FIVE) Spanish translators. How good are they you might ask? After all, a couple of hours? Who could Nathan contact in a couple of hours? Chase Turner for one. Chase played soccer with Nate at Freed-Hardeman. He majored in Spanish and is now working as a Spanish minister in Arkansas. Chase has been with me to Honduras too, which is an added benefit. And he has really wanted to go back to Honduras… that is where his vision for Spanish ministry began. How cool is that?

Call number 2? Well, I called Nadia Aguilera (yes, I know, THAT is a Spanish name if you ever hear one, right?) who graduated from Lipscomb last year. She went to Honduras with me 2 years ago and was a wonderful
translator. I was SO excited that Nate gave me Nadia’s number… this was going to be GREAT! However, my bubble burst when she told me she could not go. Rats! As I was thinking “Thanks Nate” she continued the conversation and told me that her brother and sister were available to go. As we talked on the phone I could hear her talking to others in the background. Soon her youngest sister asked if she was needed and then her Dad. Jorge Ernesto Aguilera. Oh yeah, grand slam, game over! Just his name did it for me! He is a PREACHER at the Cole Mill Road Church of Christ (Latino congregation) in Raleigh / Durham, NC. Oh, and he is a medical doctor. Did I mention that the family is from HONDURAS?

Yes, Nathan is that good. All you have to do is ask him. 5 translators, 2 are ministers, 1 is a doctor. Not bad. God certainly does move in mysterious ways. He certainly worked through my son. And I am pretty sure if He can take care of this fire in my life He can probably take care of the others as well. I told you that God was at work, didn’t I? If He can do all of this in 1 day IMAGINE what He is going to do during the 10 days we will be in Honduras!

Dios es bueno todo el tiempo. ¡Todo el tiempo Dios es bueno! God is good all of the time. All of the time God is good!


June 10th is the deadline for all paperwork and money! Less than 4 weeks and counting! Now, I need to go find a job..... :-)


prof3ta said...

We will certainly miss you guys.

Ab & Maria

Ben Cooper said...

You know...if you write another blog about Nate, and in this fashion, American Airlines will consider his head as carry on luggage and charge him for his backpack....