Our Mission Statement

Friday, June 26

The Gringos Have Arrived!!!

Today started out lovely for the advanced team!!  We woke up to breakfast, which I am sorry to say I did not eat, but I did have the coffee!!!  After breakfast we played the "sit around and wait game" which is loads of fun, everyone should try it some time!!  Then a truck delivered food to the mission house that the advanced team unloaded (this food will be broken down into smaller bags that feed a family of about 8 for a week).  About 30 minutes later a truck delivered wood for two houses (do not quote me on that guess) and the guys unloaded that while Amy, Jenny, and myself did some assignments Terry had given to us!!  As you can tell we were very busy way before the group even arrived!!  

At about 10:30 we got in the trucks and headed to the airport to meet up with the first group flying in on Continental!  Here's where everything gets a bit sketchy time wise for me because all of it runs together.  The first group lands and meets us upstairs to eat lunch and to wait on the next group which is the Delta group.  They fly in come upstairs eat and wait on the next group which is the American group.  When they fly in they come up and eat.  We wait for a while so they all have time to eat.  Then we all leave the airport by about 3ish?  I'm not really sure.  We come straight to the mission house for a brief orientation.  Everyone gets their rooming assignments and bags and goes to their rooms.

At about 4:30 we loaded a bus and went to the local grocery store to buy our food while we are here.  I thought we were going to be meeting up with the other group but apparently not.  I guess they got there before us.  Anyway, we left there and came back to the mission house for some much needed supper.  

After supper we met for devo.  Bret Mitchell, from Canada (now living in Montgomery, Al) led us is a few thoughts.  After devo we broke off into to groups to go over a few more rules and then went off to bed.

There will be more to come!!!!  I am glad to have almost everyone here!!  There are still a few more coming to join our group, but a majority of us are here!!  Keep praying!!  We love you all!!

Please if you want email you can!!  Feel free!!  Oh and Collin if you would like to get the Mississippi accent you are going to have to read it that way!! love ya!!

God Bless you all!!

Brandy B