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Wednesday, June 17

Packing and baggage information

I have spent time on the phone and on line securing travel information for all of us going to Honduras in just a few days. Please make sure you read the following carefully:

For international travel, you must be at the ticket counter a minimum of 2 1/2 hours before
departure. American Airlines recommends 3 hours. Allow plenty of time; all of our flights are sold out so there will be lots of other people checking in besides our group!

When you arrive make sure you have / do the following:
* Your checked luggage has an I.D. tag on it (even the gear bag if you are checking one in). Do this BEFORE you get to the ticket counter!!!!!!
* MAKE SURE to keep the luggage claim numbers!!!!!!!!! You will not be able to claim luggage in Honduras if you do not have the claim tickets (they will attach them to your boarding pass sleeve when you check in… make sure you know where they are)
* Once you have cleared the security passport you will not need your passport to get on the plane. Give it to your group leader or put it somewhere SAFE. You will need it to fill out entry forms to Honduras.

Concerning checked luggage:
* For international travel on Delta, Continental, and American there is NO CHARGE for checked luggage. You will not have to pay for your luggage.
* Bags MUST weight 50 pounds or less. There is a charge from $50 - $75 if you go over! (Even if it is only a couple of pounds). Weigh them before you leave the house.
* You can only check in 2 bags.
* Reminder: make sure your bags have identification tags on them! The Honduras inspectors are VERY picky about this detail.
* Remember that all baggage is subject to inspection before it is loaded onto the plane. U.S. inspectors will leave a note in your suitcase if they have inspected it.
* Place anything that might leak in a zip-lock plastic bag to keep it from getting on the rest of your stuff! Remember Murphy’s rule: “If something can go wrong it probably will.” (otherwise you will be washing the clothes the first day you arrive…)

For carry on luggage:
* Make sure it will fit the overhead compartment! If it doesn’t and they have to put it under the plane you could be charged up to $100.00.
* Carry on luggage cannot weigh more than 40 pounds.
* You are allowed 1 carry on item and 1 personal item (purse, pillow, etc). Remember, EVERYONE on the plane is doing the same thing you are so follow the rules! Don’t be the one who doesn’t abide… your shirt will give you away as to who you are and what group you are with on the trip!

Things you can and cannot bring in your carry on bag:
* You cannot bring your pocketknife on the plane! Pack it in your check in luggage. Same is true for tweezers, fingernail clippers, etc.
* Liquids and gels (Toothpaste, hair gel, hand lotion, Shampoo, sunscreen, etc) must be in containers of 3 oz or less. If any are larger it must be packed in checked-in luggage (remember the zip-lock bag). ALL liquids and gels in your carry on bag MUST be put in ONE (1) quart size zip-lock for the security personnel to approve it.
* You cannot bring tools (hammers, nails, etc) in your backpack! I know you are laughing about knives and hammers, but all of these have been taken from group members traveling on my team (I can’t make this stuff up!!!)

So, as you begin to pack for your trip (I know some of you are!) remember these things. For the last minute packers (like me) you might want to print this off and have it when you do pack so you don’t for get anything listed. Do these things and your check-in will go more smoothly and you will not be the one causing the glares and stares from those behind you waiting to check-in or get on the plane.

MUCH more to come. Make sure to check regularly and make sure anyone that you know going on the trip is reading this blog. This blogspot is the communication lifeline for our trip. Use it regularly starting today. Make sure all family members and friends have this web address so that they will be able to keep up with our trip. We will post daily activities and news along with photos.

It’s almost time!!! Hope you are as excited as I am about the trip. Hasta luego!


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