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Sunday, June 28

No Power, No Water, No Problem


This morning started out beautifully!!!  We all woke up to the sound of……nothing.  Terry Reeves likes to call this day the “day of Tim”.  We were able to sleep in like an hour, so breakfast was at 8:30 am.  The great think about this morning was we had no power, which for those of you who have been to Honduras before know means no hot water.  That really didn’t matter though because we did not have water either!!!  Nobody really complained though!!  We just all went with the flow of things.  We came down to breakfast and had ham, eggs, toast, and fruit (Of course it was soooo yummy)  After breakfast we met for worship service!!.


At worship we were led in several worship songs, and can I just say that singing is AMAZING!!!!   Joe Roberts led us in Worship.  I really just want to say a few things about this man.  He is the most awesome man!  He so knowledgably about, not only in the Word, but in general.  I am so thankful he is here.  He talked about finding our mission.  Unless we have God in our life, our mission is impossible, but with Him it is possible!!  Like I said Joe is great, great man with amazing kids!!  You all should get to know them!!!


After worship our fearless leader (Terry Reeves) made a few announcements about the activities we were doing today!!  I hope you enjoy everyone’s perspective!!


Today in Honduras was truly a humbling experience.  Our main activity was a cook out at the La Tigra National Rainforest Park.  What made this rainy day so special was the opportunity we had to share our food and give toys to a couple  hundred children from the surrounding villages.  It was great to see the gratitude on their faces!!




Today we went to a park and had the 3 busses go pick up kids from the area.  Whenever the kids got there we were supposed to go play with them and give out toys and candy.  I had balloons to give out and was going to draw faces on them with my markers.  I decided to let one little girl draw on it herself and ended up accidently giving away my sharpie.  I got to pain their nails and give away all my toys with me.  I helped out with the VBS where they sang songs and had a skit.  It was the first day I got to play with little kids and it was a lot of fun!!


-Rebecca B

Mitchell, IN


We had an awesome day today.  We began today with an inspiring and powerful worship service.  The singing was incredible, and the lesson was insightful and challenging.  After worship, we traveled to a park located within the La Tigra Rainforest.  The drive was a rough, long, twisty dirt road, which was very interesting to say the least.  I could really get used to the driving here.  After arriving, we began setting up for a hot dog grill out and games.  At the same time, the buses departed in order to travel to surrounding villages and gather up as many kids as possible.  The arrival of the three bus loads full of kids was exciting and memorable.  I began doing my best to interact with them.  While handing out lots of candy, balloons, shirts, etc.  We were able to provide a meal for all who came and play various games. I found myself in a few soccer games with some highly skilled kids. The afternoon ended with the kids getting to watch a VBS skit, as well as sing songs in Spanish. Overall, this was an awesome day. I’ll stop writing now.


-Aaron Lyles


Tonight for dinner we had a pizza feast! With 25 pepperoni and 25 sausage pizzas there was plenty for everyone! During dinner we heard the rain start and it has yet to let up. I have never seen it rain this hard for this long before! 


Because of the torrential down pour we had devo in the cafeteria. Brian from Clarksville led us in song tonight and Ben Wright brought us a devo about fixing things. He talked about how we go to the doctor or dentist for one thing that is bothering us and then they find something else that is wrong with us.  The dentist wants our whole mouth to be healthy and the doctor wants our whole body to be healthy. Jesus is like that too. He wants to be apart of your whole life, and wants your spirit to be completely fixed.  


After devo we had a few announcements and headed off to bed for so much needed rest!!  We have a long day plan for tomorrow!!  More to come!!  We miss you all!  Please keep praying for the people of Honduras!! 


I want apologize about the webcast tonight!! The internet was in-and-out and I had to do some moving around.  Hopefully we can get better connection!!  Please be patient!!  Also I want to say THANK YOU to Nathan Reeves for posting this morning for us!!  Sometimes we are not going to have power/internet he was gracious enough to post some important information that needed to get out to you guys.  So thank you Nate!!  Until Tomorrow, GOOD NIGHT!!!!


God Bless


Brandy B


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