Our Mission Statement

Thursday, June 25

Day two for Team Awesome!!

Let me just say you can all thank Nino aka (Chad Roberts) for the title of our blog!!  Terry posted the first blog this morning and has officially handed the torch over to myself for the trip!!  I know that there will be a lot of new folks on the trip so let me introduce myself briefly!!  My name is Brandy and I am from Mississippi.  There that is all you need to know, which should be enough to explain my sense humor and my craziness!!

Ok...The day started nicely, if I do say so myself!!  Breakfast was served between 7 and 8.  This morning we had a choice or cereal, toast, and a banana nut bread thing.  It was great of course!!  Then we played the "sit and wait game."  There is only 8 of us on the advance team or "team awesome" according to Nino, so the the game really isn't that bad.  After Terry and Mark Connell chatted for a bit it was decided we would go down to the bodega and load the buses with boxes of supplies and bring them back to the mission house.  

I think we loaded up at about 9:30 am, which isn't bad at all I might add, and headed down the mountain to fill the trucks with gas and go to bodega.  At the bodega we loaded up supplies that had been sent earlier.  To give you all an idea of how much we loaded, we had two trucks and a whole bus full with just 8 people!!!  Which is awesome!!  Guess how long it took us?  Just about two hours, which is awesome!!!  Ok...I'm finished bragging on the advanced group!! 

After we finished loading the bus and trucks, Mark took us to a place that served the best fried chicken ever, yes even better then back home!! I promise!!  We stayed there for a while talking about what we "plan" on doing and then headed back up the mountain!!  Once we made it back we unloaded the trucks and sorted what we had picked up from the bodega.  Then the Heavens opened and God sent every ounce of water ever made on top of Honduras.  I'm pretty sure He had a huge bucket and kept pouring it on top of our mountain, it was pretty cool actually!!!  Until we backed the bus up and unloaded it!!  It didn't take long though with "team awesome"!!  After we finished unloading we sat around for a while.  Then, a couple of the of "team awesome" thought it would be cool to run and slid in standing water.  I hope I can figure out how to upload the video to the blog so you can enjoy Tyler Steffy and Nino (Chad Roberts) and their run!!

So far the trip has went well.  Please, Please, Please pray for the groups flying in!!  They start coming in the morning.  I will post tomorrow night Lord Willing!!  Remember to be patient with communication!!  I love you all and miss you!!  God Bless

Brandy B