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Monday, June 29

GOD IS GOOD!!!!!!!

I think I have officially been the blogger for Terry’s trips for the last three of four years, I’m not really sure and today is just one of those days that I am speechless!!  For those who actually know me that is a new one for you!!  The PRECAUTIONARY measures we are taking have made today rather interesting, but have not stopped the Lord’s work!!  I know many of you back home are concerned, but please know we are safe!!  Groups were sent out to La Tigra today to build two houses and distribute food!!


The morning started off with breakfast pancakes and bananas.  I usually say a lot about the food because it is extremely delicious, so I am sorry if I am not giving to much description!  After breakfast we had devotional.  When devo was over Terry broke us up into to two building teams and a distributing team. 


All of the teams went out to the La Tigra Rainforest to work today!!  I had the opportunity to work out on a build site in the Rainforest a few years ago and it is an amazing experience!!   I’m sure they all had the same experience.  I did not get to much information from them on the sites except that tonight two more families have a home.  That might not mean too much just hearing it but it is raining right now so that means that a family has a dry place to lay there head.


The distribution team distributed about 300 bags of food that will feed a family for about a week!!  This group had A DAY!!  They climb about 500 mountains and then one more!!  They did a great job and now 300 families have a meal!!


Once everyone made it back to campus we had dinner we met up and had devotional.  Tonight, Travis led us in some thoughts!!  It was very thoughtful and powerful!!  Then we did where did you see Jesus!!  Then we had a few announcements about the next few days. 


Unfortunately, this will be my last post in Honduras L!!  Due to political situation I will be leaving tomorrow along with some others.  There will still be others here to continue to post updates so do not worry about that!!  I am very sad to be leaving.  My heart is always here with the people!!  I love them all!!  Please pray for the people here as well as our safe travel.  I will be posting pictures and hopefully some video clips (if I can get it to work for me).  Thank you all for your prayers!!  I love you and thank you for enduring my sense of humor!!




Brandy B

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