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Monday, June 29

News Update!!

Hey all!!  I’m sure most of you all already know the news!!  Due to the political situation in Honduras we have made the decision to come home early.  Let me make it CLEAR WE ARE SAFE!!!!!!!  Terry Reeves has been spending many hours talking with different people about the situation and due to the uncertainty of it he, along with the others has decided it would be best if we come home early.  These are precautionary steps. We are still doing work today.  We sent two teams out into the La Tigra Rainforest to build two houses.  The Lord’s work continues and WILL continue in Honduras!!  I will post again tonight about today’s work, and there will be a webcast (hopefully, if the flood gates stay closed) so stay tuned!!  We love you all and appreciate all the prayers.  Please, Please pray for this to be resolved.  We will be home soon!!  Love you!!


Brandy B


ministry said...

Praise the Lord for your work! Be safe, and may God use you within the window of opportunity you currently have!!!

Devin a.k.a. EMERIL (SRQ) said...

Sounds like I picked the perrfect year not to go. I can't believe I missed all that excitement. Sunday Rachael Tharnish, B Coop, and I were pondering the idea of heading on down there. Ben even found tickets for under $300 on AA! Sorry you all have to cut your trip short. Get back safely and tell Terry I said to RELAX.

See ya all when you get back!