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Sunday, June 28

Weekend News Update with Nathan Reeves

Do you remember the game "telephone" we used to play when we were younger? A phrase is whispered into the first persons ear, then the phrase is whispered into the next person, and the next, and so on. Well, by the end of the line, or circle, or whatever shape you might have been sitting in, the phrase had changed. Sometimes, just a few words had changed, and sometimes it had turned into an entirely different phrase. The point of the game was to prove that each time the phrase was told, maybe the person telling it left out a word or said a different word or maybe the listener didn't hear a word or heard the wrong word. Each person then relays the wrong message, sometimes based off of faulty information.

This is Nate Reeves, for those of you who don't know me, I'm Terry and Margaret's son. I'm updating the blog this morning and giving you a news update straight from the source. I opened the blog with that story so that you will remember not to believe or listen to every update you hear. I just spoke with my dad and he told me exactly what is happening in Honduras right now.
So, here's the update:

This morning in Honduras, Congress approved a pseudo-military-coup of the President. Whatever you hear, know this: What has happened in Honduras is 100% consistutional and was voted in Congress as the best thing to do for the Honduran people. This is not the beginning of Guerilla Warfare, no dictator has overthrown the government. As of now, and until the presidential elections this winter, Congress is in power and will be serving as the president. The reason that I am writing this, rather than Brandy, is that the power has been cut off in Honduras to try to limit the spread of propoganda against Congress. Again, don't let this scare you. The government is doing this because they fear that Mel, the president who was just taken out of power, will try to make the Honduran people believe that it was done illegally. Most likely, this will just be for a couple of days, but that is the current situation.
We don't know how the American media will react to this, which is why we want to give you the information directly. If by chance the media decides that they want to make it look bad, we just want you to have comfort in knowing that 1. the TORCH group is very safe and 2. everything that has been done with the government of Honduras is constitutional.

As for an update on what the group is doing, they are on the mountain where they stay, El Hatillo. They were having worship service at the mission house and afterwards were going to do a hot-dog cookout for some children in the surrounding community. They will be staying at the mission house tonight and will play it day-by-day until they receive more news. There is plenty of work to be done on El Hatillo, which is a very safe place to be.

Keep the group and the country of Honduras in your prayers. If they are still unable to post blog updates, I will do my best to get information posted as soon as I receive it so you can keep up with the group.



NickJ-TN said...

Thank you for the update, it's very much appreciated.

damefe said...

Thanks for the clarifying news; keep us posted. In my prayers, Hoss

Deborah Jackson said...

What's the link to view evening devos?

Cathy said...

Thanks for the updates, families are glad to read and we are printing for those without computers.

We are praying for the torch group and Honduras. Hope you can already see the impact you have made on people.


Cathy said...

Thanks for updating when you can. We are praying for Torch Mission and Honduras. Keep the Benton group safe.

Cathy said...

Thanks for updating when you can. We are praying for Torch Mission and Honduras. Keep the Benton group safe.

Emily said...

I heard about the "unrest" this morning and have been praying for the group and the Honduran people! Keep us posted...