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Saturday, June 20

Making a list, checking it twice

With less than a week to go it is time to start going though the final check off list to make sure you have everything done before you leave on your trip to Honduras. I am not one to make lists (ask my wife) but I have been using one the past 2 weeks to make sure everything gets done. My check off list had over 50 things on it so count yourself lucky that today’s blog will only have a fraction of that number!

1. Complete your shopping for the trip. You should have received a packing list for the trip. If not, here it is: Bible; Toilet paper; Pepto Bismal; rain jacket; Tooth brush/paste; Soap/shampoo; Hand wipes; Hand sanitizer; Imodium; Shaving cream/razor; Towel/wash cloth; Deodorant; Q-tips; Insect repellent; Multi-vitamins; Passport; Camera/film; Deck of cards; Waterproof watch; Work clothes; Personal medicines; Gallon size sip lock bags; Hammer; Toys / give away stuff; Flip flops (for shower); Work shoes; Work gloves; Laundry
bag; Flash light; Alarm clock; Spending money ($75 - $150+); Hat; Water bottle; Sunscreen (psf 20 +); Paper/pen/pencil; Backpack; Snack foods; Gatorade / Kool-Aid mix; Pocket knife; Sunglasses; Sharpies; Band-aides;
You can buy a lot of this stuff in Honduras but it will be cheaper to get here in the states.

2. Locate your passport and put it in your backpack

3. Withdraw your spending money. The amount varies per person. A long time veteran might only need $75.00 spending money for the whole trip while rookies might want to bring much more. You will need spending money to go out to eat every now and then (especially on Sundays… you will need money for lunch and dinner on both Sundays we are in Honduras); snacks; soft drinks; and shopping money (souvenirs, etc)

4. Contact your credit card companies. If you are planning on using a credit / debit card at all
during the trip you need to let your bank know you are going to be out of the country! Otherwise the card company might deny charges.

5. Contact your doctor. Let your doctor know you are going to be out of the country.

6. Contact your insurance company. Make sure the insurance company knows you are going to be out of the country and find out if there are any special forms / waivers that need to be signed so that you can have treatment if you get sick or injured.

7. Contact your emergency contact person(s) to remind them of the trip and verify their phone number(s) before you leave.

8. Make sure all of your clothes meet the dress code. No tank tops, sleeveless shirts or tops; shorts need to be knee length; shirts that have print on them must be appropriate for the trip.

9. Call in your prescriptions. If you have any medications that you need to take on the trip, make sure you have enough for the trip. Call in refills if needed and pick them up at least a couple of days before you leave.

10. Verify your airline ticket / e-ticket. Make sure to print off your itinerary with record locator number, ticket number, etc. Place it in your backpack with your passport.

More to come! We are now on the count down…. this week will go by super fast. Don't drag your feet on this stuff, get it done so you won't have a lot of last second things to do. You might even be able go get a couple of hours sleep the night beofre you leave! Take care and I will write more SOON! Dios te bendiga!!!!


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Leslie Woods said...

um, you are in Honduras...where's my blog update! I'm withdrawals...I need to know what's going on with the advance team. Has jenny fallen down any stairs? Did anyone make any children cry at the hospital? Has Jenny found any Diet Cokes?