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Wednesday, July 1

The Day of the Late Rain

Today the Kittanning group left along with a few other people. We split into 2 groups today and had to get out of the Mission House early this morning. 1 crew lead by Mark Connell built a house today in just a few hours. Another crew lead by Brian Steffy and Brett Mitchell repaired a road all day. 

Today on the construction crew, it was much less muddy and slippery because there was not a river flowing through the site like yesterday. The team was amazing! we worked so fast that we had to wait for the tin truck to arrive. the house was done in about 5 hours. Everyone helped out. The "more mature" ladies did an excellent job on the floor and Erin and I even got on the roof, which was terrifying at first and then exhilarating. Maria, the woman that we were building the house for was very grateful and took every opportunity to hug everyone. the children were also very eager to help. most of the children were carrying loads twice as heavy as mine. the children were also very eager to get toys. Mark explained to the children that the toys were a gift from Jesus and to give thanks to God for them.

- Marah & Erin

Today on the road crew, we got to the site (where Brett got the truck stuck yesterday) and started digging the old drain pipe out (which broke yesterday). an old man took us down the mountain then to find the new pipe which was about 20 feet long, 2 feet in diameter, and 600 lbs. did i mention that he took us down a deer path to get there and expected our group of 4 girls and 7 guys to carry this pipe back up the 1.5 mile hill.... IMPOSSIBLE!! so Brett, Scott, and Carlos took off to find a new way while the rest of us hauled the pipe about .5 miles to a gate where the truck could then be attached to the pipe. Brian Steffy aka McGuyver, rigged up the pipe to the truck and rode on the pipe for about 2.5 hours to get the pipe 2 miles up the mountain. meanwhile, the rest of us were digging out the old pipe. many of the locals were helping us dig out the old pipe and clearing the way for the new one. after a long wait for the new pipe, it finally arrived and we hauled it the rest of the way to the site. once in place, we filled in the gaps with rocks, boulders, and mud. the old man was a bit of a perfectionist so we tried to meet his expectations...which at times was a little challenging moving 100 lb. boulders from one side of the pipe to the other. after everything was finished, we bought drinks for everyone who helped us today. we also passed out toys and toiletries to the families and played with the kids for a while, then headed back to the mission house. Mark had brought a man up from the Valley of Angels and he sold jerseys, hammocks, and other Honduran goods to the TORCHers who didn't get to do any shopping that are still here. Tim Hines lead singing tonight at devo and Allen Burris spoke. it was an amazing time of praise and the thunderstorm in the background just let us all know how awesome our God really is! 
God is good...All the time....and....All the time....God is good!!

Signing Off


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