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Thursday, July 2

Last Day of Work

Today we said goodbye to most of the Benton, Kentucky group. After a short devotional lead by Aaron, we split into 2 groups. most of the team was on the construction crew, and about 6 or 8 people stayed at the mission house to pack stuff up to take to the bodega.

The construction crew had an awesome day today! the site was carved out of a rocky hillside. needless to say we had to dig a few holes for the posts out of the rock. Mark Connel and his boys helped us greatly in digging the holes and getting the house started. the only major obstacle we had was a large population of ants throughout the entire site. but we overcame the ants and were able to build the house in 3.5 hours. which is really really good time. afterwards, we went down to the road and handed out food, toys, clothing, and hygiene packs to the community and played with the kids for a while. we then loaded up the bus and truck and came back to the mission house and got here around 1:45 pm. we then helped the crew that packed up supplies here and loaded everything up and went to the bodega to put everything in storage. we unloaded and stored 1.5 buses in just over 2 hours. we were able to accomplish a lot today and God blessed us with a beautiful day to do it in.

tonight scott phillips lead some amazing singing and we had a short devotional lead by tyler steffy. tim hines and mark connel then talked to the group for a while about how much of an impact each member has and how much of an impact that we had even though our trip was cut short. it just shows what God can do with willing hearts. we are all leaving tomorrow with the exception of mark connel who will be flying out on saturday. i hope everyone is doing well and mark, tim, and terry will be keeping us all informed as to what the situation is in Honduras. please pray for this country and it's future. mark asked tonight if everyone could take an active role in supporting a democracy in honduras, so please call your congressman, or representatives, take part in marches in the states, or join groups or blogs that support a honduran democracy please. Thank you and God bless. TR will be taking over the blog from now on. Buenos Noches!


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