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Saturday, July 4

Everyone is home safe and sound

A phone call from Tyler Steffy and an Email from Allen Burris and its official, the 2009 torch team has arrived home safely. On Monday, when news broke about all of the things taking place within the Honduran government and international reaction, we took on the daunting task of trying to find 98 airline tickets to get home early. Of course, there were several hundred other Americans trying to do the same thing. And over the course of 5 days we are all back, safe and sound, the weekend of our county’s birthday no less.

I was at Lipscomb University last night for an Acapella concert on the Allen mall, right in front of the bell tower. Great concert with about 2,000 in attendance. Paul Lewis and I debated the size of the crowd and I took it upon myself to make the call. I started off with 3,000 but decided I was exaggerating (I know, hard to believe), and backed it down to 2,000. Then, after the concert, we were treated to a magnificent fireworks show. This is the first time in 15 years for me to be in the states for the 4th of July and to see the fireworks brought tears to my eyes. (Again, hard to believe)

I was so proud to watch the fireworks and to watch the patriotic shows on TV today. Listening to the songs and watching all of the events made me realize, more than ever, what a very special place we live. So, happy 233rd birthday Uncle Sam! What a great day. To know and recognize the brave troops serving around the world to keep us safe is beyond my ability to express in words. I hope every one of us realizes how lucky we are and how blessed we are. God has indeed blessed us from sea to shining sea.

It also breaks my heart at the same time as I watch the news unfold about the events taking place in Honduras. I am shocked and stunned at the world’s attitude as a small country, practicing its democratic process, failed to back a government that is trying so hard to keep their democracy in tact in the mist of an ex president that wanted to become another leftist dictator in our hemisphere. The facts are overwhelming but it seems that many have turned a blind eye to facts and has embraced their emotions to reinstate a man who tried to break the laws of the land and then lies about it.

As Tom Beach, one of our board members, said in an email today, let us hope and pray that the turmoil in Honduras will be resolved quickly so that missionaries and mission teams can go back in to help the people of Honduras. There is so much to do but right now the best and most powerful thing we can do is pray. The fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much. (James 5:16)

In the next few days I will post the totals for the different projects we were able to accomplish during our short time in Honduras. God blessed us with good weather, a wonderful and secure place to live and work while we were there, and a team that has been nicknamed “The Dream Team.” There was such a unity of spirit and unity and purpose while we were there. The singing at devos was incredible and the way the team approached the daily work projects was just fantastic. I could not have asked for a better team than we had this year.

More to come so stay tuned. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA!!!!


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