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Wednesday, July 1

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Just a short note from those of us that traveled home on Tuesday. Over half of our team left Tuesday to return to the states via 3 airlines; American, Continental, and Delta. Brian Steffy and Tim Hines went with us to the airport to assure we were able to check in without problems and to see us off. The early flight of American Airlines was delayed and left Tegucigalpa less than an hour before the second American Airlines light departed. Severe thunderstorms in Miami kept them from leaving on time. Continental and Delta left on schedule.

The Continental flight arrived in Houston on time and most of the team transferred to the early flight back to Nashville without any problems. Those of us on the second flight were delayed and arrived in Nashville nearly 3 ½ hours late. The connection flight on American from Miami to Nashville was also delayed and landed about 45 minutes late due to weather.

We were met at the airport by LOTS of family and friends to welcome us back home. It was a bittersweet moment since all of us left Honduras with heavy hearts. We were sad to leave Honduras knowing so much more could have been done and yet happy to see loved ones again that had been so worried about us. And of course all of us were thinking and praying for the
ones that were coming home in the days after us. Honduras has been all over the news and many, many people were worried about us. Thankfully those who have been reading the blogspot knew we were OK and filtered what they heard on the news with what we have been writing.

I spent no time in relaying to the parents and friends at the airport news about the trip and the REAL situation in Honduras. I am sure that everyone that came home will have their stories too and that it will not take long to know that we were safe and that the Honduran Congress did the right thing. It is so sad to think that the world sees former President Zelaya as a victim who needs to be put back into power. I am hopeful that on Thursday when the U.N. representatives comes in to Honduras that they will see what has been happening… a president who was setting himself up to become a dictator.
At least Sean Hannity gets it and I am glad he spoke about it Tuesday on his TV show.

Please continue praying for the remaining members of the team as they continue to work in Honduras. The amount of work that has been done during the brief time we have been there has been amazing (Brandy, did you catch that?). So far 5 houses have been built and well over 600 bags of food has been distributed. And, thanks to Brett, a section of road is now been rebuilt and stronger than ever! (Tyler, you can fill me in on all of the details when you get back….J)

Many thanks for all of the emails and Facebook postings of concern and support while we have been gone. I have spent most of today trying to respond to them all. I give Tim Hines and Mark Connell all the credit in the world for the great job that they have done keeping up with the news and making plans and arrangements for our group. Tim’s connections within the government of Honduras kept us a step ahead of everything as it developed.

Please keep our team in your prayers as the remaining members fly back home. And, please continue to pray for Honduras and its leaders as this political situation continues to unfold. God is good all of the time.


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Jake said...

One slight correction, because of weather in Houston the early flight to Nashville sat on the tarmac in Houston for 2 1/2 hours, but the pilot put the hammer down, so we were only 1 hour 40 minutes late getting into Nashville.