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Wednesday, July 11

"When The Sand Runs Out"

After a long day of work and several lessons, I still had a difficult time deciding what to share with you guys.  I'm sitting with Janet Johnson and Austin Clouse discussing the past couple days of work trying to come up with a title.  Several ideas were thrown my way which reminded me of a song by Rascal Flatts.  want to share the chorus of the song with you.  

"I'm gonna stop lookin' back and start movin' on And learn how to face my fears Love with all of my heart, make my mark I wanna leave somethin' here Go out on a ledge, without any net That's what I'm gonna be about Yeah, I wanna be runnin' When the sand runs out"

I'll come back to this at the end, just keep it in mind!!

Yesterday started like the others, the group had breakfast between 7 and 8. We had beans, plantains, eggs, omelets, toast, cereal, juice, and MOST important COFFEE!!!  We had devo at about 8ish.  Brett Mitchell shared a lesson with us about motivation.  What motivates us?  He discussed with us how easy it is to be extremely tired here, but the little things keep us motivated.  A mother who hasn't been able to feed her children for a couple days, a smiling child after their feet has been washed, an elderly individual thanking you for showing God's love...TO GOD BE THE GLORY.  It is truly amazing where everyone get's there energy from.  There is only one explanation for it, GOD!!!!  

We loaded the buses at about 9ish to go back to Agua Agria (still unsure about the spelling).  When we arrived there was already waiting individuals to see the doctor and receive clothing.  We began as quickly as possible.  While the medical and distribution team were busy working, there was a team working on an incredible playground for the school there.  Let me just say, I wish I was a young person again.  For some age didn't matter, apparently Steve Johnson didn't care and went down the tube slide.  From what I hear, it took him a while to make his way down, haha.  The Medical team and building team worked all the way up to 5, with the building team continuing a little longer to finish the project.  At about 3 we began the Daughters of the King.  Young girls had there hair washed, combed, "styled", then had their feet washed and nails painted.  After they were treated to pampering, they received a dress provided by Northside Church of Christ in Mayfield, KY.  THANK YOU TO THEM!!!  They also received a pair of flip flops.  The VBS team also had a great day yesterday.  They shared with the kiddos the story of the Good Samaritan.  The kids were very involved, also the moms helped in singing songs.  They also made crafts, cross necklaces, coloring sheets, they could draw parts of the story as well.  The kids were provided with snacks at the end of the VBS.  While that was happening the lady's were having a lady's class.  Gwen says the class was awesome!!  She says by the end there were 75 in attendance.  There were several prayer request.  Then the team washed about 60 women's feet utilizing a foot scrub made by Diane and Gwen.  Esperanza said the lady's feet was sooooo soft after using the scrub.  I hate I couldn't be there.  At about 530 we started the Gospel Meeting.  At that time, God opened the Heavens and rain came down!!  It was very difficult to hear, but GOD is good.  They said last night that was the first heavy rain in 3 months.  God knows how and when to provide.  Terry's lesson was great.  He talked about how sin kept us from God, but how the sacrifice Jesus made provided us a way.  After services the community leaders thanked us for coming, but gave God the glory!!!  It was a very busy day, but AMAZING!!! 

We left the village at about 715ish to go eat at the "food court".  We had about an hour to eat, then we loaded the buses and came back to the hotel for evening devo.  Steve Johnson shared thoughts about how to work in a hearty manner.  He encouraged us to give it all we had and leave it on the field.  That is what reminded me of the song by Rascal Flatts.  Work hard in the name of God and leave it on the hearts of others.  Leave your mark in a positive way.  Sharing and showing God's grace.  We will never be able to show the true love of God, because He is just that good, but we can try!!  When we die, what will people say?  Will they say that person lived life showing God's love the best they could, or something else.  I hope and pray I can show God's love the way He wants me to so when I die I will not only be remembered for that but so I can spend eternity with the God that has shown me unconditional love.  

After devo we were given instructions on what would happen today.  We had the choice to sleep a little longer today.  We have a long trip back to Teguc and will be leaving in about 45minutes.  Tonight we will broadcast the devo if internet allows it.  I want everyone to know I am doing all I can in Teguc.  Last group was able to broadcast, but the chat wouldn't come up.  Please join us in worship, but do not be upset if the chat doesn't work.  If you have any messages you can email me.  I do not mind getting message's to people, even if it is just a hello.  Remember, however, I do read the messages and will deliver them so if you do not mind me knowing then go for it.  I appreciate you guys so much.  Please continue to pray for the work here and for safe travels.  God bless you all!!

Love you all!!

Brandy B

On a side note...if there are mistakes in grammar or spelling...I'm from Mississippi, lol!!  No really sometimes I get really excited and I do not proof read so I apologize.  Love you guys!!

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