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Thursday, July 12


Hola!!  I hope you all are doing wonderful!! We are on day six, I think…  Today was an amazingly wonderful day!! 

We started with breakfast between 7 and 8 this morning.  This morning we had eggs, beans, sausage, toast and juice.  After breakfast we went to devo in the chapel.  Kyle Johnson shared some encouraging words with us this morning.  He encouraged us to bring our zeal back to the states and not to have a “Honduras life” and a “home life.”  Kyle did an awesome job and is JUST LIKE HIS DAD!!!  Love them both!!

After devo we split into four groups.  The groups were a construction team, distribution team, hospital visiting team, and providing a meal to those in the landfill. 

I was able to experience providing food for those in the landfill.  This is an unexplainable experience. Brett Mitchell led our group and did his best to prepare the team for what we would see.  In all honesty, nothing can fully prepare anyone for what we experienced.  God is so good and we are so blessed.  Feeding the people in the landfill is something I will take with me for the rest of my life.  Please pray for the people here.  Rudy, one of our translators, did an amazing job today keeping everything calm.  I am so thankful for our translators, especially Rudy, he’s like a brother to me!! Also, if you ever have an opportunity to do mission work outside of the U.S. DO IT!!  Although today was a tough day, it was such a blessing to see God work through so many individuals. 

The construction team built in the La Tigra Rainforest.  This team gave a new meaning to Bufftrucks!!  Houses usually take about six hours to build, but this team completed the task in about three.  AMAZING!!!  I’ve heard several stories of people stepping out of their comfort zone to complete the task.  This was an awesome team that encouraged each other and would not let one another quit!!  Great job to the team!! 

The distribution team stayed at the mission house and broke down the food into about 200+ bags.  After they were finished they met up with the BEAST construction team and distributed the food in the La Tigra Rainforest.  They passed the food out as long as they could and made there way back to the mission house for supper.

The hospital spent about three to four hours visiting with the sick.  They made visits throughout the hospital praying for families and giving stuffed animals to the children.  The hospital is always a step out of anyone’s comfort zone.  This team did just that.  They showed love to people in God’s name!!!  When they were finished the team that had went to the landfill met them at the hospital and went to the Peace Monument.  It is always a neat thing to go to, to be able to see the some of the history from Honduras.  We spent some time taking pictures and being able to see God’s beauty.

Everyone met up at the mission house for supper!!  We had spaghetti, and salad…ummm can you say YUM-O!!! After a hard day of work, the meal worth while!!  At about 8 we met at the chapel for evening devo.  Steve shared with us a counter attack on the devil.  He explained how the devil is always after us, using things that are our weaknesses.  The key is to stay focused, and dig deep.  After devo, Terry shared with us the tentative plans for tomorrow.  Then several of the members stayed for about an hour praising God in song.  I was able to broadcast the singing for a while, but had to stop to do the blog.  For those who were watching, I’m sorry!!  Thanks so much for your prayers and for the kind words in the emails I’ve been receiving.  I wish you all could be here with us!!  We love you all so much and will be seeing you soon.  We have two full work days left, and I do not know about the others, but I’m not ready!!  Thanks again for your prayers!!

Love you all
Brandy B.

On a sad note, Terry and Gwen Chapmen, and Esperanza went back home today.  They were such a blessing to our team.  We love the so very much!!!  The title of the blog is for them!!  Love you guys!!!

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