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Thursday, July 12

Road trips and pot holes!!!

Today was a good, long day of travel.  We began this morning with devo at 9:30.  We split into small groups and discussed our journals along with the experiences from Choluteca.  At 10:15 we met up and discussed the plan for the day.  We gathered our belongings and loaded the bus around 10:50 to make our bumpy way back to Teguc.  Many of us enjoyed watching the beauty of God’s creation, and sharing stories with one another about the time in Choluteca.  Others enjoyed sleeping! 

We arrived at Villa Gracia around 4:00 pm.  Margaret Reeves provided us with our room assignments, followed by orientation by Terry Reeves.  After orientation everyone went to their rooms to settle in, then walked to see the beautiful view of the rainforest.  At 6:00 we had dinner.  Tonight was the best meal yet!!  We had rice, chicken and veggies with a roll.  IT WAS DELICIOUS!!!!  Between 7 and 8 several people shared in fellowship, playing games, and chatting!!  Devo was at 8 tonight.  We were able to broadcast, but the chat isn’t working here, sorry about that!!  Steve share a great lesson about team work and called several people out, lol!!  Everyone here is getting so close!!  It is awesome to see God work through our team.  God is good and it is awesome knowing I have family all over the world!!!

I hope you all are doing great back home!!  We miss you all!!  Tomorrow we start strong!!  The plan is to have a construction team, a team visiting the hospital, a team going to the landfill, and one breaking food down for distribution.  We are very PUMPED about working in Teguc.  I personally look forward to sharing the experiences with you all.  Please continue to pray for us and the work.  We love you all!!!

Love you all!!

Brandy B

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