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Tuesday, July 10

How is life?

I am EXHAUSTED, but man God is good!!

Today was another wonderful, HOT, day!!  The team had breakfast between 7 and 8.  This morning was a similar pick, eggs, beans, plantains, and pancakes!!  At about 8 we had devo.  Brett Mitchell shared a few words with us about life.  He used LIFE as an acronym, L-love, I-intamacy, F-father, and E-eternity.  He said to we should love intimately, to see our Father for an eternity.  So how is life?

When devo was over we loaded the remainder of the supplies on the bus and headed to Agua Agria (I'm feeling lucky so I think that is how you spell it).  We arrived at at the school between 930 and 10:00.  We unloaded the supplies for the medical team and distribution team.  When we arrived we had, literally hundreds of people there.  Dr. Jorge and Sara began as quickly as possible.  The distribution team began quickly as well. The playground crew had there work set out for them today.  There task was taking down the old playground to move it to another location.  They also had to move these ginormous trees.  With some help from the local men they were able to move the tree and began working on the playground.  They started out pretty good, but when it was time to began nailing there were no nails. However, God is good and the locals somehow was able to provide some nails.  If you haven't noticed, the people in this community are pretty awesome!!  While this was going on another team went to the church to remove some section of the tin roof and add a clear section for lighting.  The church has no electricity and this will provide more light for them.  At two the VBS team began.  I was not able to be a part of this team, but I heard they did an incredible job.  At the three Gwen and Diane with translator Esperanza made there way to the church for a ladies class. At 4:45ish everyone went to the church for the Gospel Meeting.  Terry Chapman shared a lesson with us tonight.  It is so interesting to be in a service that has to be translated.  Minor Perez was the translator and, as always, did great.  Terry shared a lesson regarding the story of sowing the seed.  He did a great job sharing the importance of planting the right seed to produce the correct crop.  After worship we loaded the buses to go to the "food court" for some dinner.  As everyone can see, we have had an extremely busy day.

When we arrived back at the hotel we went straight to devo.  Last night we were able to broadcast the service and enjoyed sharing in worship with you guys.  Steve shared another good lesson with us about  how God is everywhere.  As always Big Steve brought us a great lesson.

Ok...so I feel obligated to share some stories of God's work here.  So many people stepped up when there was a need.  It is really hot here, yes I know it's hot at home as well, but here we are working in the heat.  We do not have the privilege to have air conditioning in the work environment.  First I want to begin with Dr. Jorge.  He is a doctor from Teguc that one of the interns met at the air port. He speaks English and struck up a conversation with Erika asking about TORCH.  He then offered to work with us in Choluteca on the medical team.  Coincidence, I think not!!  We only have like four translators, but with Dr. Jorge we had one more.  The medical team did awesome yesterday.  Because of the heat we had to rotate often, which left us without a translator in the pharmacy.  However, God always provides!!  Even though Carrie is not fluent in Spanish she was able to give instructions to the locals about the medication.  Well, let me back up...she claims not to know enough, but she did awesome!!  The locals were so generous!!  They helped us in some many ways, building, leading, assisting, you name it they helped with it!!

The medical team saw about 130 families, 179 patients.  The distribution team sent 130 families back to there homes with clothing.  We will head back in the morning to continue distribution and medical, also the playground.  We will also have daughters of the king, VBS, lady's class and the Gospel meeting.  It's been pretty awesome seeing God's work here, I'm anxious to see what else He has in store for us.

We love you all very much and miss you!!  Please continue to pray for the efforts here!!

Love you all

Brandy B

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