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Saturday, July 7

Hey everyone!!  It's Brandy and I am so so so so so so happy to be here!!  I just wanted to send a quick blog out to everyone!!  First I want to thank Kathryn for doing an awesome job with the blog for the first team!!  The first group will head out today with the second coming in right after!!  I have heard several stories from the group members, it sounds like the trip was a success, to God be glory!!  It was awesome being able to see some old friends, even if it was just one night.  I look forward to the start of trip two.  We will be off to Choluteca as soon as everyone from group two arrives.  I will do my best to post every night, but I cannot make promises.  The internet provider has changed in Honduras and the service isn't as good as it has been in the past.  I am not sure about the live broadcast as well, but we will see when we get there.  For those who will be watching, the chat has been down due to connection issues but please chat with each other and join in our worship.  We will come to the camera and say hi, but we cannot be for sure if the chat will work here.  If you want to send messages you can do so by emailing me at brandyb06@gmail.com with the person's name as the subject.  I do not have a printer, but I will get them any message.  I look forward to sharing the experiences we have while in Honduras.  God bless you all!  

Love you all,

Brandy B

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