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Thursday, July 19

And then there were 14….

Hello to you all back home!!  I hope the main group made it to their homes safely!!  I can’t speak for the others, but I miss you guys SOOOOOO much!!  Yesterday, we sent the majority of the team back home to the states with 18 remaining. 

The group of 18 met up with four individuals at Baxter institute and made our way to one of my favorite villages.  We worked in the feeding center and visited the day care for a few hours the made our way to the La Tigra rainforest the deliver about 40 bags of food that had been leftover.  At about 4 we gathered our things and loaded the buses to go eat at the best Steak House ever!!!!!  We spent a good amount of time fellowshipping with one another and sharing some stories.  After supper we said our good byes to four of the 18 and made our way to Janet Hines house in Santa Ana.  The 14 remaining team members, 10 being interns, enjoyed a reflection time of the trip.  We discussed different experiences that stood out the most to us.  It was very touching hearing different stories that had special meaning to everyone.  After a little time reflecting we made our way to bed. 

Now the fun part of the story….  Terry has made special arrangements for the interns and has kept it a secret the entire trip.  The interns have been so funny trying to figure out what the “special projects” are going to be.  Terry, Margaret, Jenny and I have all put in false clues about the project.  By the end of last night most of the interns were convinced they would be doing a poverty simulation.  A few years ago I had the privilege to be a part of a team that did do one.  It was probably the most humbling experience I have ever had, and I am thankful for the experience.  This morning the interns had prepped themselves to be a part of a simulation, HAHA!!   I’m actually really proud of them.  They discussed, as a team, what items that would be most needed.  Great teamwork!!!  Instead, the team went to Mi Esperanza to be part of the worker’s community service hours.  We had manicures and pedicures and our hair done.  The interns were hysterical!! After we were finished, we went to the Mall for lunch!!  We spent a couple hours there eating, while Margaret and Terry bought groceries for the remainder of the trip.  At about we made our way back to Janet’s house to begin prepping for dinner.  Tonight Terry grilled hamburgers for us tonight!  Dinner was so yummy!!  After dinner, we had devo.  Terry led us in our thoughts tonight.  He discussed the journals entries with us.  He basically showed us why he writes the journals the way he does.  The purpose is keep our focus on what is important.  The journal topic that stood out to me was the one motivating the team to just do it.  As Christians, we can become extremely tired and lack motivation.  The important thing to remember is the reason we are here, and that is to share Jesus, even when we are wiped out!!  This is a difficult task, but if I can do it here I know I can do it back home. 

After Devo, Terry told us the plans for tomorrow.  He was going to try and keep it a secret, but he didn’t.  Tomorrow we will be spending some time together at a water park here in Teguc.  The team will have the option to sleep in until about 9:00.  I think they were happier with the sleeping in part, personally.  So tomorrow will be a fun day for us to spend some time together.  I am headed to bed now, but I will be back tomorrow!!  Good night!! Love you all!!

Brandy Barnett

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